Friday, 12 October 2018

Blessed be

Bewitching GIFTS from ~ CAZIMI ~ CLBlue ~ comet. ~ LEPUNK ~ LIVID ~ Moon Amore ~ No Cabide ~ Sintiklia ~ Wednesday ~

Is anything cuter than goat ghosts in jammies? This pair of cuties is the POISONME Hunt gift from comet. One ghostieblue is holdable and the other is a companion that follows your avatar. They move a little bit, and if they weren't ghosts I'd say they were breathing.

The Aradia dress from No Cabide has some bewitching features: a net overskirt, a buckled harness, a magical print, and a texture Hud. The texture Ava is wearing was more purple until I added a body light for the photo, and I think that means Materials is involved.

I had the witch hat in inventory, and when I checked the LIVID mainstore I saw it on the big shelf of group gifts. LIVID has a macabre theme, and I get the feeling it's not a seasonal thing. The entire shelf of group gifts could be used for Halloween or any time you fancy a dark look in fashion and furniture.


Choker: Wednesday[+] - Halloween Hunt Choker - FREE POISONME Hunt gift - Thank you!
Cuff: CLBlue - cuffs // Hud - $1L Marketplace gift - Thank you!
Dress: No Cabide - Aradia Dress // Hud - FREE group gift / FREE group join - Thank you!
Hat: LIVID - Spiders Suede Witch Hat - FREE group gift / $35L group join - Thank you!
Rings: Moon Amore - Arcano Rings // Hud - FREE POISONME Hunt gift - Thank you!

Body Parts

Body: Maitreya Lara
Eye makeup: LEPUNK - Siana Eyeshadow - FREE Lucky Letter gift / FREE group join - Thank you!
Hair: Sintiklia - Irma bento hair w/ Materials and Bangs 4 - FREE group gifts / $250L group join - Thank you!
Head: CATWA Catya
Lipstick: LEPUNK - Mariana Lipstick - FREE group gift / FREE group join - Thank you!
Nailpolish: CAZIMI - Kiara Nails - FREE SL Frees and Offers Group gift / FREE group join - Thank you!


Location: Witchwood
Pose: K&S - Meet autumn pose - FREE group gift / FREE group join - Thank you!

My holdable and companion goat ghosts are the +capricorn {ghostieblue} - the FREE POISONME Hunt gift from comet.

~ xoxo ~

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