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miércoles, 26 de diciembre de 2012

Pt. Richmond

A few more scenes inside the skybox from my last post, including a general view of this nice build from [Deco] on sale at Mens Dept.

Avis are the same as last time (see my previous post for info on gifts from Essences & Anna Shapes, also check the sale rooms for the new sale items from these designers). I'm not sure if the Golden Apple Hunt gifts are still available, but I hope some of you guys made your way over to the NYC sim to grab some of those items.

The fashion here is a mix of Mens Dept, two really nice group gifts from +HuHu+ (a relatively new store with some cool designs - check it out) and an excellent Christmas gift for women from English Muffin. Note that EM's gift includes the dress shown plus six female skin tones and it is just one of a whole mess of gifts (other skins etc.) that Remain Coy of English Muffin has put out for her group. While the group has a 100L joiner fee, the dress gift is currently set to free (check the Teddy Bear under the tree). Move fast while the gift is available...Update: the gift is now 75l for non-group members.

Under the Tree
  • Complete Outfit & boots: English Muffin - Christmas Dress Green (Group Gift or Free, Mesh, also includes 6 female skins. Attn: 100l Joiner Fee)
  • Leggings: Favole - Tore ( Not Free)
  • Scarf: Step Inside - Scarf F (Group Gift, includes male version)
  • Skin: Essences - Monday Skin Gentle Light (previously at TDR Fusion)
  • Shape: Anna Shapes - Monica (previously at Designer Circle until Dec 22)
  • Hair/Hairbase: LoQ Hair - LoQ Hair Brandy II Blacktips (12l, Golden Apple Hunt #6 until Dec 24, includes multiple tones)
  • Pose: Exposeur - Advent Gift 16 (Previous Advent Gift, check store for daily gifts through Dec 25)
  • Tree: Cheaky Pea - Tynebank Antler Tree (150l at Mens Dept until Jan 1, MESH & Texture Change)
  • Rug: Scarlet Creative - The Pursuit of Happiness Rug Black (10l sale price until Dec 28)
  • Pillows: Bazar - Nelle Pillows (Included with Nelle Living Room Set, Texture Change)
  • Magazines: Apple Fall - Magazines (Included with various furniture sets)
  • Wine rack/decor: End Of Daze - Wine Rack (December Group Gift. MESH. Attn: 100l Joiner Fee)
  • Presents: Bazar - Presents (Free)
Art has no Funktion
Art has no Funktion
Maybe I Shouldn't
  • Poster: Kukuvaya - Go Crazy Print (Subscriber Gift, Check Subscriber History Message 3)
Morning After
Port Richmond Skybox by [Deco]

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viernes, 29 de junio de 2012

John Holmes Skybox

The Mens Dept June round (ending soon) has tons of great things (see posts here and here for other TMD items). One of the standouts is the John Holmes Skybox from [Deco], which makes a perfect set for relaxing, entertaining friends, watching John Holmes classics from the 70s... or for recording your own. Here are some scenes from inside the skybox.

Johnny Wadd, 2012
Bedroom BachaSutra
  • Socks: Ziva's Underground Footwear - Lazy Saturday Mesh Socks Rigged (Cuddle Buddy Hunt #32 until June 30, MESH, includes 2 versions)
  • Tattoo: Tattoo Art - Lotus Dark (MHO7 Hunt #70 until Jul 15, includes multiple tattoos)
Couple Pose: Diesel Works - BachaSutra (Not Free)

Chic, après les ébats
Suntory Time
  • Shirt: LecoVita - Polo shirts gray/black (100l at Mens Dept until July 1)
  • Pants: Macho - Skater Jeans (MHO7 Hunt #33 until Jul 15, also includes a tank)
  • Shoes: English Muffin - Muffin Walkers (The Accessory Hunt #59 until Jun 30, also includes female sizing + sunglasses and a bag)
  • Pose: Focus Poses - Casual Men 1 (MHO7 Hunt #51 until Jul 15, includes 8 poses)
Full Boat
  • Jacket: Shadow Moon - Mesh Brown Leather Jacket (1l, Get The Newbie Hunt #27 until Jun 30, MESH, includes complete outfit & female gift)
  • Shirt: Sartoria - BW T shirt DROP Guns (MHOH Minihunt #3 until July 15, also includes shorts blogged above)
  • Glasses: Eclectica - glasses (The Accessory Hunt #57 until Jun 30, Unisex) 
  • Cards, Glasses etc: Kusshon - Gambler Set (150l at Mens Dept until July 1)
  • Whiskey Bottle: Ponitee - Santory (Free at SGB Summer Festa until June 30)
House of Cards
  • Jacket/Shirt: Havok - Fresh Leather Jacket W/Tee 2 (150L at Mens Dept until July 1, MESH)
  • Pants: Gizza - Loose Jeans Dark Blue (Moolto Sisters Hunt until June 30, also includes shirt & female gift)
  • Shoes: Fashion Emergency - Slip Ons (85L at Grunge Soul Project, Unisex)
  • Skin: Akeruka - Nando Full Tan (MHO7 Hunt #60 until Jul 15)
  • Shape: Stunning Shapes - Jeff (Summer Breeze Hunt #54 until Jun 30, also includes a female shape)
  • Hair: Amacci - Samson ~ Onyx (MHO7 Hunt #41)
  • Pose: Stakey - Aimless 02 (MHO7 Hunt #34 until Jul 15, modded, includes 6 poses)
Build: [Deco] - The John Holmes Skybox (150l at Mens Dept until July 1)

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