Welcome to SL F&O first annual hunt.
Our hunt begins on 3th November and ends on 25th November.

This is the list of stores participating and the hints to find all the amazing gifts.

You're looking for this:

Enjoy the hunt!!

1. Entice - FEMALE GIFT . Hint:"As long as you are standing there, you might as well, hit the subscribo!"

2. Giz Seorn -  FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "Do you know Miley?"

3. ArisArisB&W FEMALE GIFT . Hint:  Find the gift and you will be satisfied"

4. Besom  - FEMALE GIFT . Hint: " a little fresh air"

5. JUSTICE - MALE AND FEMALE AND MALE GIFT . Hint: : "press your luck"

6.  CarolG FEMALE GIFT . Hint:"A tree always gives us something: shade or fruits! But it also gives a gift"

7. CLOE  FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "I love to stalk bags"

8. EXMACHINA - UNISEX GIFT .   Hint: "DAVIDE description is clearly very light"

9. .SALT UNISEX GIFT .   Hint: "Use duct tape if you can't fix it"

10. 7 Deadly s[K]ins  FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "The powder to the people and the birds"

11. {ViSion} FEMALE GIFT . Hint:"The beauty of the deco flowers" (this gift is set to their free to join group)

12. AtiK FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "When it's cold I put on a coat"

13. Heartsdale Jewellery FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "Autumn is in the air, the wind blows burnished leaves into the sky, and as they flutter to the ground, search for the one bearing gifts!"

14. Altamura Bento Avatar  - FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "Fly the precious leaf and on the white floor surrounded by her sisters, she now rests."

15. WellMade  - FEMALE GIFT . Hint:"Take a sit and look down..."

16. LUSH FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "Hunt to win an AWARD"

17. CAZIMI FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "Fall into your seat"

18. zOOm FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "Pumpkins scare me!!!"

19. Chop Zuey MALE AND FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "where pretty birdys you do see, there your gift will also be"

20. Alien Gizmo - FEMALE GIFT . Hint: " Beneath the alien lies the treasure"

21. Caboodle FEMALE GIFT . Hint: " Try your lucky"

22. [ Aleutia ] FEMALE GIFT . Hint:  "It's the mischief makers that will help you find the prize  here!"

23. Skip this position

24. Skip this position
25. Skip this position

26. [Stormcrow Store] SKIP

27. MH Unique Design   FEMALE GIFT . Hint:  "Leaves always look for something new"

28. {amiable} FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "I am on the second floor"

29. Dahlia DECORATION GIFT. hint:  "Hidden leaves always end up under the table."

30. LsR Moda - FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "Original"

31. 1 Hundred.FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "Slippery when wet!

32. -AZUL- .FEMALE GIFT . Hint:"I love events"

33. A&D Clothing - UNISEX GIFT .   Hint: "Pick a nice shirt. Take the baggage and be ready for the next trip. Then you will find me."

34. Hilly Haalan FEMALE GIFT . Hint:"I like to hear water sounds"

 Skip this position
36. Skip this position

37. MUSU UNISEX GIFT .   Hint: "Only King Arthur can take it" (you look for the gift itself in this store, extra hint: is very visible in the store -it's not a leaf)

38. Belle Epoque - FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "Kira knows it all, find her in the store"

39. Petry Model - FEMALE GIFT . Hint: " When you swept the floor, you missed one!"

40.  TRS Designs FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "Look for the purple butterfly"

41. Just Ordinary - FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "Pink Kitty"

42. A&J CREATION AND DESIGNS FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "I live upstairs"

43. EscalateD. FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "Leaves keep on falling, In and out of ivy..."

44. Bens Beauty & Boutique - FEMALE GIFT.  Hint: Enter to clothing store and turn right

45. Skip this position

46. Sexy Princess - FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "Roses are red. Violets are blue. My Dahlias are white, pink, black , red and blue"

47. [[ Masoom ]] - FEMALE GIFT . Hint: " Climb for success"

48. [Cynful] Clothing & Co.  - FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "Helping others is always a good thing"

49. StormCrow Design's - FEMALE GIFT . Hint: *Flowers are always nice to be around*

50. Zuri Jewelry - FEMALE GIFT . Hint: ;"Join the best group in SecondLife! SL frees & offers!"

Skip this position

52. PULSE - FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "The leaves are falling"

53. **GLITTER FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "You may find Gift where Gifts are"

54. NC] - Noble Creations - UNISEX GIFT . Hint: "How many leaves are falling in autumn!!!"

55. LAQ FEMALE GIFT . Hint:"It's fun to branch out!"

56. RealEvil Industries FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "Her heart released a spectrum of colors"

57. Sweet E's Designs - FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "Fridays... I always heard they were Freaky.. but they are Frisky now!"

58. Prism Designs  - FEMALE GIFT . Hint:" Nancy and Debra are watching over your gift"

59. ACORN FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "Got it in the bag"

60. Native Urban - UNISEX GIFT .   Hint: "look from above if you want to be well informed"


62. FAFA ethnic clothing - FEMALE GIFT . Hint: " Where Lemons grow "

63. Smesh - FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "I like to be on top"

64. JUMO Luxury Fashion House FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "Underneath what is new you will look for and soon the prize will be yours" (not a leaf - a box)

65. Unnie - FEMALE GIFT . Hint:"I have a lot of things in my head...."

66. ALTER FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "Elena and Regina are great friends" (2 gifts in this store)

67. Ellnique Designs FEMALE GIFT . Hint "TRY ME upstairs"

68. Mosquito's Way - FEMALE GIFT . Hint "Watch your steps and look up! Susan is waiting you."

69. Finale Couture - FEMALE GIFT . Hint "My Boyfriend Blake Shelton would go bananas....B- A - N - A - N - A - S !!!!!"

70. OH PAIR ! - FEMALE GIFT . Hint "Rest your weary feet and where you'll find me will be under the seat"

71. virtual diva couture - elegance and nature... always a perfect match...

72. The Annex FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "A grand lady for a day."

73. Once Upon Time... FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "I hide between the flowers"

74.THIS IS WRONG FEMALE GIFT . Hint:"The light of the candle will show you where it is"

75. Tiffany Designs - FEMALE GIFT . Hint:"One flower from DISCOUNT ROOM is whispering to you"

76. FurtaCor - FEMALE GIFT . Hint: Look in every corner where a leaf can lay down.

77. Seniha Originals - FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "between another color leaves"

78. moss&mink - DECORATION GIFTS. hint: "Under the sea"

79. ::Shinu Made:: - FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "Look Inside, Seek for the Secret Room, taking a Bath, your Price is at last" 

80. Hot Fuss  - FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "Hot Fuss is super excited to be in the first time SLF&O Hunt!"

81. REBELLION - MALE GIFT . Hint: "Every step you take brings you closer to what you are looking for!"

82. Persefona - FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "Search beetwen autumn leaves"


84. ORQUIDEA FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "All wrapped up"

85. AsHmOoT - FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "Ops! A leaf got into the shop from the window...!"

86. {FE STYLE}  MALE GIFT . Hint: "See the light"

87. ASCEND - MALE GIFT . Hint: "I know is not the day, but wanna be my valentine?"

88. Vips Creations FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "Angel with so many birds!!"

89.[CIRCA] Living - DECORATION GIFT. hint: "This basket of apples makes a great snack!"

90. Caramelo de fresa - FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "I can see a light in my mind"

91. RAPTURE - FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "It's protruding from the wall"

92. GOOSE - DECORATION GIFT. hint: " i caught a leafe !!"

93. [evoLove] FEMALE GIFT . Hint: " Look behind round and round, with empty center!"

94. Cremosas Store FEMALE GIFTS (3 gifts) . Hint: "I love nice deals and gifts!!"

95. ::Pharmacist:: - FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "Apple Cider &Apple Pie are great for the season!"

96. Shea Designs FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "A chair from GIFTS ROOM is hiding a secret... Let's take a look!"

97. CH's  - FEMALE GIFT . Hint: "Not all the tree leaves reach the ground.... sometimes the wind is naughty!"

98. oz design - UNISEX GIFT .   Hint: "Take a sit and get a tattoo"

99. Adorably Strange Wares  UNISEX GIFT .   Hint: " Cool ride Dude!"


  1. Thank you so much for participating in the Hunt, you fabulous designers! :D

  2. This hunt have some problems, some teleports are wrong (besom one for example), just for start.

    1. Besom landmark has been updated, Thank you for letting us know

  3. Sorry for that, but the hunt just started. Not all designers were ready yet. You have till November 25th to go hunting, so if a store has their gift not out yet, go back later :)

  4. Native Urban - UNISEX GIFT . Hint: "look from above if you want to be well informed"

    i Tried to took this gift, but it doesn’t work, i even restarted de viewer but nothing happen.

    1. Wear SL F&O group tag and just touch the leaf. Is set for group only. I'll contact the designer to change it to buy for free.

  5. Thank you for that amazin hunt with so many great designers!! :)
    Hilly Haalan and Giz Seorn have no landmarks to the next store in their gifts
    And the numbering of the gifts is not consistent - some have a number and some not, and I assume some have the same, and the numbering on this website is another too.

  6. Will they put a store in empty positions later?

    1. Empty spots won't have a new store later. It wouldn't be fair....

  7. Thanks for the great hunt and the designers thank you soooo much for the amazing free gifts! Very nice hunt with some beginner's troubles like wrong LM's. Also the numbers are often different from the ones on this website and the LMs given in the prize folders are with wrong numbers. f.e. there are a lot of stores who put the LM for #40 TRS designs in their prize folder, so i got confused. Just because the numbers are wrong all the time it can be a little confusing, but i just stick to the ones given here on the website. Too bad several designers had not put out their prizes yet, even after it;s been on for a number of days now. In all i really enjoyed and hope for a slightly better organized hunt next year!

  8. Boa tarde!
    Você vai colocar fotos dos itens de caça? Saber se é do nosso agrado ou será uma surpresa e só saberá quando encontrar o item? Dede já agradeço sua atenção!

    Good afternoon!
    Are you going to put pictures of the hunting items? To know if it is to our liking or will it be a surprise and only know when to find the item? I appreciate your attention!

    1. You can find pics about the gifts from the hunt in the following blogs that are covering the hunt:
      Hope it helps you :)

  9. Why is the text on this list sooo tiny to read? Smaller print than the comments. ??

  10. Just a heads up to the organizers and merchants - there is a video out showing a complete walkthrough of the hunt with all the leaf locations. I won't post it here because I don't want to encourage that kind of cheating, but everyone may want to move their hunt objects.

  11. I do not receive any object.
    I click on the leaf and I pay 0L but I do not receive anything
    What's going on? I have the group tag.
    I'm sorry for my bad English.