Wednesday, 25 January 2012

I'm Sexy and I know it :)

One of the shop which sell sexy clothing is none other than Rock Me Amadeus. Nice design and affordable, it will blew your mind away, well, I am camming  a lot on myself when I wore them. LOL

I am wearing lace dress, comes with many choice of color. At the same, time AntZ release her new skin line, called Katharina. I like the freckles, it makes me look young :p   
Hope you like it and pick them up :D .

Skin @ AntZ Katharina Skins No 3  (new release)
Dress @ RMA - Lace Dresses - Cyan (new release)
Dress @ RMA - Lace Dresses - Hot Pink  (new release)
Dress @ RMA - Lace Dresses - Peach  (new release)
Skin @ AntZ Katharina Skins No 1  (new release)

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