Sunday, 4 March 2012

New Release @ Egoisme

I am wearing Ivy, the latest release from Evian Egoisme. She came in 3 color tones, pale, medium and tan. At the same time, Egoisme also release a new set of eye shadow, which I found very beautiful. You can see it in the photo. 

Also at the same time, the new group gift is out. Enjoy your shopping there :)

Landmark : Egoisme

Skin & Lingerie @ Egoisme  Fashion Gift (group gift)
Skin @ Evian - Ivy Pale - Eyebrows - Cleavage 1 (new release)
Eyeshadow @ Evian Gentilesse Makeup 11 (new release)
Skin @ Evian - Ivy Tan - Eyebrows - Cleavage 1 (new release)
Eyeshadow @ Evian Gentilesse Makeup 8(new release)

Skin @ Evian - Ivy Medium - Eyebrows - Cleavage 2 (new release)
Eyeshadow @Evian Gentilesse Makeup 6(new release)

Skin & Lingerie @ Egoisme  Fashion Gift  (group gift)

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