Monday, 8 October 2012

Fairy Light*

Jumper: Sula. *Tentacio* - NEW in Fashion Quotes
Socks: [All Colors]. Emery - Group Gift
Boots: Mesh BL Boot. Bella's Lullaby - Group Gift
Hair: Kate-Blonde. *hairshop nodoka* - Group Gift
Bow: Giant Rainbow Cobra Skin Hair Clip Bow. Pink Acid. Gift in The Swag Fest
Earrings: Encircled. Amorous - Free in Marketplace
Bag: Fairy light. *Tentacio* - NEW in Stuff In Stock

Dress (includes necklace): Clodette. *Stars*Fashion* - Group Gift
Shoes: Glossy Half pumps Pink & Black. DADAbeiz - Gift in The Swag Fest
Hair: Diana [Bare Rose Pack]. +LALA Moon+ - Gift Free in Gothic Lolita Mall
Earrings: MG Lealao CH Baltic Amber Stones. Maxi Gossamer - Avises Group Gift: secondlife:///app/group/a8ed2190-f0f3-1da7-708f-c192065d2d62/about

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