Friday, 22 March 2013

The Bears

When I saw that Naminoke was offering a Mesh avi in the Spring is Near Hunt I rushed out to get it. The avi is like a large stuffed doll, held together by rough seams and features a side pocket for carrying a cub. With it's mixture of man and beast it manages to be both cute and odd, but definitely striking.

My friend Sidney "Beau" Bluestar of Sup Poses made some custom poses inspired by the avi that I think perfectly captures how you'll feel when wearing it. They should be available for sale in her store soon.

Spring is Near is taking place in and around the Acid Lily gallery and has a number of nice gifts at only 5l that can be seen on the hunt website.
Bears in Arms
Los Osos
  • Complete Avi: Naminoke - Nuigurumar (5l, Spring is Near Hunt #4 until April 9th, MESH, includes female shape)
  • Wall Decal: Dazzling Designs - Tree Decal (75l on Marketplace, includes 3 textures)
  • Poses: Sup Poses - Bear 1, Bear 2 (Custom Poses not currently available for sale)
 Hints & Slurls for hunts mentioned in this post: Spring is Near Hunt


  1. Love it!!!! Thank you!! Muaks * 1000

  2. Lol...thanks Estrellita...I do make a very cute bear!