Sunday, 14 April 2013

Forgotten Angel

I wanted to feature the new wings/poses from HISPose, one of the best makers specialized in props/poses for men (or angels), and Forgotten City seemed like the right place for that.  What would an angel do in a forgotten city, built over centuries and then abandoned?

The wings are color change and there are actually 6 poses in the set at the very reasonable price of just 100l. The A:S:S kilt & belt is an Avenue Magazine Readers gift found at Zenshi, and the pants are one of the gifts from (Red)Sand for the Hollywood event. If you haven't been to Hollywood go there before it ends on the 14th - you will be opening "swagbags" from all the participants for days.
Forgotten Angel
A Forgotten Angel...
Return to the City
... Return to the City
Angel Descended
Angel Descended
Where is my place?

Location: Forgotten City

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