Thursday, 4 July 2013

Another side of the story

Some of my friend were confuse, over my differences of my look in my flickr. Some has actually message me in the world to ask me, why ? 

I guess that I would said I had split personality starting in 2013 ;) \0/.  Well, when I am not modelling, which I didn't do much anyway nowadays, I will be the noisy little sister who irritates my brother and runs around happily, hopping from one sim to another sim enjoying the moment. 

And guess what I found, a farm in Second Life <--- addicted to Farm Ville 2.  So here I am trying to milk the cow with my new dress.. errm.. have you done that in your real life? I would like to experience it one day in my real life. 

So here, I love the moment, the scenery, the dress, the boots, and the cow.

Hair @ /Wasabi Pills/ Mimi Hair - RIBBON - Ash
Dress@ Lovemie - Sleeveless Dress 
Boots @ Lovemie - Boots W&R (gift in the shop)

Actually I dont know the shop name coz it is in Japanese, therefore I addressed her shop as the creator's name, but the landmarks works :D
the joy of summer with me <3

Back to nature <3 the farmer's life

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