Monday, 5 August 2013

The Blue Porcelain Doll

Handle with care, it's so beautiful yet it is so fragile. 

When I opened the blogger pack from Countdown, I was like okay, it is so beautiful and soft, and I was thinking how do I blog these gorgeous gown. Thinking very hard, and I decided to do the photo on my infamous platform, I scrolled up and down on my inventory looking for a background and these beautiful blue flower pattern appears. I decided to use this wallpaper, and name the theme of the post "The Blue Porcelain Doll" which I feel it blends very well with the new release gown from Countdown.  I hope you like my noobies creativity tonight. xoxo

From Left to Right
Hair @ [taketomi]_Kiyomi+Rin - TCF 
Dress@ Countdown.Britney Red Floral Summer Dress - new release

Hair@ ~Tableau Vivant~ Hathaway hair - Dark Brown
Dress@Countdown.Britney Yellow Floral Summer Dress - new release
Furniture@ *ionic* MAI chair -rosa- TCF (gatcha room)


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