Monday, 7 October 2013

The Famous Street

This street that I am standing right now, is where all the rich and famous people in SL staying. And yes, I guess the demand is over than supply at the moment and Nope, I am not staying here coz I don't have any of the above qualities, but I can hang out here because I love the environment here. I hope the resident wont blacklist me :). Just joking... 

And here today,I am still on my casual clothing, i love it and yes,I am wearing a male shirt:) Old habits @_@. 

And my oni-san is back to SL after a big move to another city, so this is a little message to him" oni-san, you said you read my blog, hehehe, so if you don't say hi to me in Second Life, you know, I still have the C:SI sword that I still know how to use. (just joking :p). The actual message is.. Welcome back oni-sannnnn !!! 

So for now, here is my styling credit for the day :)

Hair@ eep . hair 013 . browns
Shirt@ ::Mad Hatter:: ... Polo Red Mesh - COSMOPOLITAN SALE ROOM
Pants@ ..:: OPOPOP // Ceresio VF in Camo Pink // Mesh Cargo::.. - new release
Shoes@ / XIAJ / Canvas Sneakers (Oatmeal)

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