Monday, 3 November 2014

Dance to escape

Don't be one of those turning ballerinas in somebody else's music box
pearl ballet1                                                                                       Click image to see it larger.
DollCOCO- Doll body
DressCOCO- Slip dress (group gift)
Leg  COCO- Corset piercing legs
KeyGenie Wishes- Turn n’ Talk Doll Key (free in marketplace)
CarillonMishMish- Nostalgia jewelry box (I have mod it making it bigger and removing its ballerina)
Pose: made by me
ballet doll_0171                                                                                      Click image to see it larger.
Doll headCOCO- Doll head Lena (group gift)
HairLittle bones- Heartthrob (exclusive for The Body Modification Expo still available for few days)
HatPELLE- Cilinder hat with rose (group gift)
NecklaceS*MESH- HeartKey necklace (50L in marketplace)
PoseSitting Pretty- Mimy 3

I adapted the music box to take my photo, the original version is much smaller and has a lovely turning dancer. The Body Modification Expo is still available even if it had to close October 31. So hurry up…and remember, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist![tazza%2520nuova%255B7%255D.png]

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