Wednesday, 20 January 2016

082016 - I can and I will

To those who knows my real life, know that I do try to exercise everyday, and to Mr. Anthony, he always think I exercise too much. However, for the last few weeks, I completed stop exercising because of too much work and tired, and became lazy. Yesterday, I was moody and I decided to do something that I like in SL, which is photography. Therefore, I came out with the idea and decided to exercise and photography it as well. And it works !! .. 

Anyway,  I started my routine of exercising back today... and now feel so refreshed and so sore....

My Styling Credit 

Hair @ Mithral * Cardamom (Blondes)  @ C88
Top@ Ricielli - Lolli Minitop @ TDR
Pant@ [Cynful] Lazy About Sweatpants - Pink  @ MBA
Location@ Real Angel Bay

for my other photo, please refer here 

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