Friday, 29 January 2016

Sweet Bathtime

Dear reader.

CHEZ MOI FURNITURE released Supreme Bathroom + Vanity Daybed.
and same time, i want to introduce you Sway's lovely decor for Tres Chic and Lost and found event.

CHEZ MOI FURNITURE main store Slurl
Lost and Found Slurl
Tres Chic Slurl(17 January to 10 February)

bathtub : Supreme Bathtub (Adult) CHEZ MOI
sink : Supreme Sink & Vanity CHEZ MOI
sofa : Supreme Bathroom Daybed CHEZ MOI
Toilet : Supreme Toilet Pearl CHEZ MOI
Decor : Sway's [Ido] Cinder Block Shelf . with decoration @ Lost and Found
Decor : Sway's [Birdcage] Candle holder D . gold @ Tres Chic
Decor : Long Mirror CHEZ MOI
Decor : Vanity Table CHEZ MOI
Decor : Sway's [Ido] Cinder Block Shelf . empty  @ Lost and Found
Decor : Shabby Flower Jar CHEZ MOI
Decor : Rug Ipanema CHEZ MOI
Decor : Sway's [Birdcage] Candle holder B . silver @ Tres Chic
Decor : Sway's [Birdcage] Candle holder A . copper @ Tres Chic
Decor : Supreme Bathtub Rack CHEZ MOI
Decor : Print Bathroom Rules CHEZ MOI
Decor : Sway's [Birdcage] Wall art Candle holder . silver @ Tres Chic
Decor : Sway's [Birdcage] Wall art Candle holder . copper @ Tres Chic
Decor : Supreme Bathroom Shelf CHEZ MOI
Decor : Supreme Towel Rack CHEZ MOI
Decor : Bathroom Decor CHEZ MOI
Decor : Slippers and Panties CHEZ MOI

Sweet Bath time for you <3
Thanks for reading!

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