Friday, 8 April 2016

352016 ~ Miss Devon

Recently JUMO release her skin Devon under Catwa Mesh Head, and since that day, i feel in love with the skin, coz I think i am  super pretty, 

My skin glows like the most expensive super skin care advertisement in real life, if you know me, you will know what is the brand. I bet my real life sister who read my blog knew which brand i talked about. 

Anyway, back to Second Life, you must really go and try the demo, because without trying, you will not know how you will look like. 

And since I am staying late tonight, because tomorrow is my rest day before my crazy days start again ... here are few tips for trying  the skin. 

  1. Always try demo skin without hair. If you think you looks pretty in bald, that is the right skin for you.
  2. Always try demo skin on mid-day without shadow. If it is fabulous on you, it will be super fabulous on ultra or with shadow.   
  3. If you still on SL basic head, and you have preferences for example, no double eyelids, you should at least give a try to adjust your eyes to it. It is because no skin will match your current face unless it is custom made. 
  4. If it is mesh head, there is nothing much we can do, We can only adjust the size of the head, or maybe one or two things, which I have forgotten. 
  5. Always put on the correct hair base with the color of your eyebrow,  if you have different color on both side, how are you to made decision if the skin is right or not for you . You might have color conflict and your brain will registered the skin as not suitable. 
  6. Lastly, since all of us are on mesh head, and you will find your twin sisters, in lots of parties, therefore, adding extra little tiny thing would distinguish you and the other avatars. Items like mole, tattoo, freckles, eyelashes would made a significant results.  Always mix and match even on your face... :p

 Ok, thats all my rant for tonight.... I am going to zzzz 

My beautiful skin @ .:JUMO:. Devon Skin - Pale - CATWA Head - new release 
Lipstick by @ ..:JUMO:. Devon Lips - Catwa Head  - new release 

Location @

Photo 1 - With animation expression from Catwa Mesh Head 
Me Again

Me. Me and Me :D

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