Tuesday, 4 April 2017


MadPea's Mad Easter Egg Hunt will take place April 4-18. . Check out the website for more information.
The Egg Factory

Style 1327 a

Style 1327 b

Style 1327 c
Using a handy radar HUD and a companion website, hunters will discover places where eggs are hidden - stores, photo sims, events and more - and get points for every egg they find. They'll redeem the points for prizes in our Prize Factory.

MadPea Spring Gazebo
MadPea Egg Candle - yellow , blue and green
MadPea Egg Sign - Purple, blue,green,brown
MadPea Bunny Throne
MadPea Egg Nest Bed

MadPea Easter Chick Egg
MadPea Easter Bunny Egg
MadPea Easter Penguin Egg
MadPea Chick Cupcake
MadPea Chick Cupcakes on Plate
MadPea Easter Cake
MadPea Bunny Balloon Yellow, green, blue, pink
MadPea Easter Decor Basket
MadPea Chick Umbrella (add)
MadPea Pussy Willow Wreath
MadPea Chair with Easter Bucket
MadPea Happy Easter Sign
MadPea Hatched Bunny
MadPea Chicken Deco Black & brown
MadPea Bunny Chair - White & black
MadPea Wooden Carrot Drawer
MadPea Fancy Egg - White, blue, pink

MadPea Bunny Pillow Ruffles
MadPea Bunny Pillow Stripes
MadPea Rideable Chicken [larger] [small]

Serenity Style- Cute Eggs Box - MadPea's Mad Easter Egg Hunt 
Serenity Style- Where is my carrot?
Serenity Style- Easter Bunnie Wood Lavender
Serenity Style- Easter Bunnie Wood Blue

GOOSE - arbor bench
GOOSE - Garden gate arch with gates linked
GOOSE - garden fence

*ionic* Floor Lantern
{anc} cotton bunny. sugar
Garden by anc bamboo bush 1Li

[ keke ] old garden greenhouse
~H&H~ Nautical Hanging Shelf - Whitewash
-Garden- by anc curly forest grass {purple}mesh 1Li
[we're CLOSED] grass field green 03 - random
+Half-Deer+ Wood & Roses Letter (White)

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