Sunday, 14 May 2017

14052017 - It will be never the SAME

Sometimes, when you went back to your hometown, it is no longer the same when you left 20 years ago. People change, Friend change, Environment change, Road change, and the people will just walked passed you and think who are you?.

What is left here is my memory of this area. Life must go on, and  I will leave for a better tomorrow. 

Styling Credit
Hair@TRUTH HAIR Grecia -  black & whites
Sunglasses@[Gos] - Butterfly Sunglasses 
Dress @DE.Boutique Mona Dress Spring - Designer Showcase May 2017
Shoes Momento. walker boots gacha / Khaki
Pose@ ~Zo Awesum~ Coke and a Smile - Designer Showcase May 2017

It will be never the SAME   

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