Friday, 19 May 2017

When the winds blows, know that, I am near

This is my second time purchasing Catwa Powder Pack, one was in January and I disappeared like till recently, and now I'm showing the May Edition.

Since I am a lazy one who normally did not put any makeup unless it is necessary, I go with my bare face in most of my blog post. Reason is that I am too lazy to find the store to buy one, and secondly there is no demo. If I were required to do a makeup ie paint my face, i will have to look for specific make up that goes with my mood and match with my face structure,  and too with the angle of photo, and whatever shit that might came to me at that being lazy, normally i do not have make up on the photo unless i am doing a closeup. 

But with the Powder Pack, with everything in there, it is easy, i just stand and choose till it fits what I want. I think it is very value for the item that we get it from it, so hopefully, they dint increase the price but increase the creation for the box.. that my Christmas's wishes.. :p

I am kinda disappointed when I dint find any skin applier from DeeTaleZ, but hopefully, i get one someday in the future :D  And this is what I love most at this moment, as i said, my mood changes from time to time, I love the eye-shadow from Zibska, it makes me looks so in color, and lipstick from Just Magnetized is the perfect effect and something that we dint normally able to purchase in the normal market. 

So I think you all know that you can still purchase it at here but at a different price @ The Last Forever

Hair @ AD - tootsie  
Hair Deco @ *LODE* Head Accessory  - Mexico Roses 
Skin @ ::Modish:: Vega F03 [PowderPack Catwa) May
Eyelashes @ DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Heads "Dramatic Eyes & Lashes
Eyeshadow&Blushes @ Zibska Hasina Eyemakeup &Zibska Sarika Blush
Lip@ Just Magnetized - Vanity Case - set 01 for Catwa
Necklaces@ J&W Jewelers Emma Collection gold (Designer Showcase - May 2017)


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