Friday, 23 June 2017

Quiet time with cutie friends

Dear reader.

what makes you comfortable? your lover or cutie friend? :)

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture in Cosmopolitan (June 18th - July 1st)
*POLKA DOTS PATIO SET* (in PG or in Adult)
Patio Chair (Adult) CHEZ MOI
Table White Polka Dots CHEZ MOI
Tea Cup Polka Dots CHEZ MOI
Teapot Polka Dots CHEZ MOI

Credit @ TLC Home Collection in Second Pride
*Song bird collection*
Bullfinch _Standing
Blue Tit _standing
Bullfinch _Standing

Credit @ Your Dreams in Shiny Shabby (Start on June 20th)
*Cute Baby Octopus Gacha*
{YD}Cute Baby Octopus - Daddy
{YD}Cute Baby Octopus - University
{YD}Cute Baby Octopus - Little girl  RARE
{YD}Cute Baby Octopus - Frankenstein RARE

Plant flower : [CIRCA] - "Chatelaine" Hibiscus Planter 2 - Sun Mix (L)
Plant flower : [CIRCA] - "Chatelaine" Hibiscus Planter 2 - Fairy Mix (L)
Tree : LB_BuckThorn.v2{4Seasons)  @ Marketpalce

Hope you like all of them :)

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