Monday, 4 September 2017

The Dangerous Path

I just came back from Buddhist pilgrimage. We visited one of the most poorest country in the earth in South East Asia. Our mission there is to provide education tools. In this country, the salaries for the person is USD1.00 per day. It is sad to see it, however, when I logged into SL, ASO! gave me a very beautiful outfit. And I told Meni, that this outfit is what the nation where i had visited were wearing for their daily core.And Meni told me that  she saw it a lot too in Bali, they are wearing the same kind of fashion.  It is so beautiful, and therefore I made this photo. 

I wish someday this country where i had visited will strive for a better future .. and with the guardian of the Nagas, it will be better off someday. 

Styling Credit 
Hat @*LpD* - *Vela* Hat Avenue Readers Group Gift
Hair@ taketomi - CLIQUE002 - Bento
Dragon@#9 Red Dragon {egosumaii} - gacha 
Outfit @ ASO! Nusadua 

The Dangerous Path

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