Tuesday, 17 August 2021

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ELLEN KIM KDA - Popstars Dance by Paragon Dance Animations

What can I tell you about this package of dances that can not be seen in the video?
Until the day I received the dances did not know about the existence of KDA, I am totally honest ... now I am totally obsessed! I want to play lol with the character Evelynn Hahaha!
Choreography is beautiful and Paragon's work by bringing them to Second Life is impeccable. I enjoyed the 3 days of recording this video, it was a real challenge for me to record and edit, I want to thank Sophia for being part of this project and to Bander for Managing Evelynn.
Many thanks to Johnny for the opportunity to be her blogger and Amber (Masoom Owner) as well.
I hope you enjoy the video as I did it ♥

AHRI Outfit
Diana Boots by [[ MASOOM ]]
Diana Jacket by [[ MASOOM ]]
Diana Necklace by [[ MASOOM ]]
Diana Suit by [[ MASOOM ]]


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