Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Sunset meditation



Bedrooms robe Edward TwoSided @ Exclusive Men Only December 2021 

Bedroom robe Edward comes in 16 different textures with 6 belt colors. Sizes are for Jake, Gianni, Legacy, Kario and Lara V-tech & flatchest


Exile:: Rory @ in the store

Hud with more than 80 colors and style hud.

FNY Fallen New York  /

:FNY: Bloggerbox - Seasonal Vintage Gazebo @ Exclusive at Cosmopolitan Dez 27th - Jan 8th

Three different texture themes in texture changer. Vintage, Abandoned and Frozen. Nine different and seasonal hanging vines versions. Three different mixed snow/vines cover.

:FNY: Designs: Butterfly Cluster - Animesh @ Available at FNY Mainstore & MarketPlace.

contains 12 butterflies as one animesh companion and includes 4 different texture themes in menu. The Butterfly Cluster offers you the complex FNY animesh engine with avatar mimics, static poses for photos, idle animations and key motion framed ai wandering, follow owner and follow friends as rezzed version.


SVP Juan Pack @ Jail Event January 10th 

SVP juan 2 pose

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