Sunday, 27 February 2022

Strange toy



Zibska ~ Afton Makeup @Glorious Days event (in the store now)

Zibska Afton 22 

Makeup in 24 colours in 2 transparencies. Cosmetic packs for this event are compatible only with Lelutka heads with the EVO X uv option and include tattoo & universal tattoo BOM layers.

Zibska ~ Dania Set @ Feb round at The Darkness Event

Modified as hair, includes headpiece and lash adornments in left & right sections, hud with 18 colors.


.::4bidden::. Kink Jogger @ the WCF Event 

Joggers in 3 different texture packs. Each pack has 10 colors to pick from. We do have a Mega Pack that gives you a better deal. Item fits; Jake, Gainni, Legacy, and Kario Fit/Flex bodies. This item is click able to undress in different ways. You can have the butt open, the bugle, or butt and bugle. For all the kinky times.

.::4BIDDEN::. Joey Crop Top from .::4BIDDEN::.  Justin Outfit @ in store now

Item fits; Jake, Gainni, Legacy, and Aesthetic bodies. It comes with top, pant and belt, and hud with 20 different colors.


:[P]:- Karkisse Headfins @ THE GUILD EVENT

100 % Custom Mesh & Textures. material enabled. Transparency & glow control. Specular control. Mody, Resuze unisex. L & R individual fins. Hud with colors, fades and Membrane spec add. Independent color for pearls, spine and membrane.

:[P]:- Kelstreia Outfit - Orb @ Epiphany event Feb.2022

Unrigged and resizeble. Hud with 40 metals and 40 colors. Bento animated holds.

:[P]:- Nails - Kelstreia 3-Pack@ epiphany event

Nail Polish hud for Petrichor's Vaera Nails.


Cyberpunk Neo Tokyo, Japan, 2087, Nibiru

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