Friday, 29 April 2022

The attack


He performed a feline jump and almost managed to catch it. This mysterious visitor had taken one of the swords from his brother's cabin, and he would have run if he hadn't seen a bright reflection out of the corner of his eye. Infamous thief! So he was the one who had taken all the things that had disappeared in the last few weeks! Based on his clothes, he may have been from the town I went to, a month ago, to buy some potions that our healer needed. I felt guilty: he had followed me. He spun around and I found myself coiled in a vise between his legs. I managed to twist one of her hands and it gave enough for her to escape the deadly embrace, but I tumbled down a slight incline. I jumped up… But it was too late. Taking advantage of the fact that he was free, he ran away.

It was easy for me to follow him, because we are track experts and I know my land like the back of his hand, but he was out on the plains before he caught him again. When I came out of the woods he was riding away on a horse that he must have tied up waiting for him. What a frustrating! I only had to notify my queen and take action...

Star Mesh Body /

Mindgardens Creations /

Star Mesh Body  and Panthoria  @ Fantasy Faire 2022

The Phantorian avatar is composed of the body "Star Mesh Body" and "Skins for Panthoria & rival, Fyfuz of the Cheetarian clan". Both items with lot of extras, BOM compatible, omega compatible, several shapes... and even cloths itmes and hair.

OFFER: for this event: We are running an incredible promotional offer! Anyone who buys the Star Mesh Body & Head kit will receive the full Panthoria Add-on FREE! The body has so many advanced features and is designed to be as realistic to the female form as possible.

The hustler

Quills & Curiosities /

Quills & Curiosities - Hunter's Garb set  @ Fantasy Faire 2022 

Complete ouitfit. It comes with hat, boot, scarf, belt, vambraces, pant and pendant. Fitted for Jake and legacy.


Wildspur's Promise - 2H Sword (UM v2.5)  @ Fantasy Faire 2022

A two handed sword.. of course! 100% original mesh created by Baldur Darkwatch. Scripted using the unity maxim v2.5 melee scripts by Warwick Falconer.

Poses Serendipity

Serendipity: mood swings...  (2 mirror)

Serendipity: lovely fae... (4)

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