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The Queen of the Fairlands has been wounded in battle by a monstrous orc with a magical weapon. Gathered all the wise men of the kingdom they have only found a formula that can save her, but it lacks a basic ingredient: dragon tears. Summoned the representatives of the different races and towns of the Fairlands Fingolfin de Suoh, prince of the kingdom of the fairies of the north, has been chosen to find such a scarce element. He takes only his owl companion who has the ability to communicate with beings of the night. In principle, he decides to go to the Fairelands Junction, where there is always one of the clever merchants who try to barter with the newcomers, but who know the FF perfectly. He is sure that someone will be able to tell him something! But when he arrives...


:[P]:- & TRAP - Nariverus M @ fantasyfaire 2022 

:[P]:- Nariverus Base M - Marillae tone in photo.

25 skin tones and colors. Several eybrows shapes, options of freckles, moles and nails. Appliers for lelutka, Legacy, Belleza, slink. Evo and Evox options.  

:[P]:- Onalei Creature Eyes @ fantasyfaire 2022  

Color, glow, shadow options in hud, with concave or sphere options

:[P]:- Sylaine Horns@ fantasyfaire 2022 

:[P]:- Sylaine Horns - Brass and Regal shape, in photo

8 different metal for the horns. Mody and resize. Three shapes: Regal, Swirl and Swirl. 50 colors texture of crystal and 30 metal tones.


 .::4BIDDEN::. Titan Jock @ Man Cave for the April Round (April 17th - May 12th)

The "Titan Jock' comes in two versions, ' Bulge' and 'C-Ring' (each pack contains 10 colors for Jock plus 4 color options for chains). Note: The 'Show/Hide' HUD for Bulge and Chains is only available in Mega Pack version! Fits Jake, Legacy, Kario Fit/Flex and Gianni bodies.


[ KUMIHO ]. Alary Jeweled Circlet @ fantasyfaire 2022 

Hud with 12 colors for main pearl and 8 metal textures. unrigged and resizer


Butanik83 - Mystic Crystal Headpieces @ fantasyfaire 2022

left and right parts, and hud with with 8 crystal colors and 3 metals


CKit Falconry_animesh Barn Owl_ShoulderPets  @ fantasyfaire 2022

For female, male and Little options (dinkies and other little avis)

Menu with owl actions, hug, poses, cloak, name options, sound control.


OYI - Alchemy Potion  @ fantasyfaire 2022

OYI - Alchemy Potion - Special Effects


_-FAS-_ BENTO FAERY WINGS  @ fantasyfaire 2022 

Hud with 23 patterns, and AO

_-FAS-_ WEBBED HANDS  @ fantasyfaire 2022

For Legacy, maitreya and belleza Jake. Hud with 8 colors for top and palm. glow options


E - Eventyra - Nail HUD - Lunar Fire [FF22]  @ fantasyfaire 2022 

For slink, maitreya, belleza, omega appliers. 8 tones

Hair : Wasabi // Kyo Hair (M)

Pose : UZME 2BSword05  pose

Backdrop : 03 Meltin Sun - Night Mafia - The Bearded Guy

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