Thursday, 21 April 2022

The Pligrim


Place : Tenpyo ~ Sponsored by GABRIEL,  Fantasy Faire 2022

My father told me that there were two things that you should never lose sight of: One is the staff that guides your path and the other is your destiny. And today I think I've lost the second. I am not very clear where I should go or what I should do.
I started this pilgrimage to pay tribute at the seven temples, and ever since I entered the Fairlands I have been having visions: Even my staff has blossomed! At first they were just unconnected images: some eyes, a woman, flowers, forests and winged beings... But the visions turn dark. Now my eyes are on fire, the trees are dry and the feeling of danger is with me. The last vision was that I would find someone in this temple that I must listen to...


*Birth* 'Greyson' Lelutka EvoX/ BOM Head @ TMD (in store now)

In the photo tone 1. Eight tones avaible with both options, BOM and Evox


Elemental- 'Magic' Aura System & Spiritual Symbols @ in the store 

12 different particle textures. These texture packs are add-ons for 'Magic Aura Effect System' (sold seperately) The hud iteself has several options like: Burst rate, tint, alpha, glow...



Zibska ~ Tanzi Lips @ Fantasy Faire 2022

Zibska Tanzi Lips 01 in photo

Cosmetic packs are compatible only with Lelutka heads with the EVO X uv option and include tattoo & universal tattoo BOM layers. For this faire Zibska has prepared: blush, makeup, lips and Zibska ~ Tanzi Set 


Oiche // Elemental Dragon Eye Set @ Fantasy Faire 2022

Set prings 10 BOM eyes plus 2 mesh eyes and hud to change textures. 


Enrage - outwear coat - Kurou @ HONGDAE EVENT (in store now)

It fits: Jake, Legacy, and Kario Fit/Flex. The huds of fatpack has 30 coat color options and shirt ones. 

Enrage - gacha - Lee set 

One of the wonderful gachas of this creator. In the photo the Lee pant for Belleza Jake

Sparrow// sandals / Gabby 

The set comes fixed for Belleza Jake, Legacy, Maitreya and Gianni. With a hud of colors for different parts

[.fn] - A Fantastical Notion /

[.fn] Leight Horns - Tyrant. @ Fantasy Faire 2022

The horms comes witha  hud to change textures and are mody


*::.who what.::* -magatama pendant- male @ Fantasy Faire 2022

The set comes with male and female options, unrigged, and one hud to change color of each part.

Attitude is an Artform/

A&A Sleek Halo -Candles @ Fantasy Faire 2022

A&A Sleek Halo set consist on a flat halo, one curved and the curved plus candles. Each one has one Hud to change color and patterns.

Broken Arc /

Bloom Staff - Polearm @ Fantasy Faire 2022

It comes with sheathed and unsehated items. Menu when touched to different animations


svp Juan set @ Jail Event January 2022 (in store now)

SVP Juan 1 pose

Sintiklia - Hair Eric


Luca Black Cutlines ~Soulstorm~ hairbase

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