Sunday, 29 May 2022

Cosmic Entanglement



Enrage - headphones - Ariel @ Tokyo Zero event (in the store now)

Hud with 18 colors, glow and resize. Screen on /off options


[TNK] HARAJUKU FORMAL SUIT  @ in store now

A complete suit with three patterns options: JAPAN, JAPAN RED and BLACK. In the photo JAPAN one


[TRV] Cosmic_Entanglement_Remnant_HUD

This is a hud that connects you to the powers of a cosmic entity, with this hud you are able to access part of its energy and turn it into magical attack power. POWERS: Spell: After activating, shoot using LMB (Left Mouse Button) while in MouseLook; Ultra-Ball: By clicking on this option, you shoot a very powerful large energy sphere. Bombing: By clicking on this option, you summon a rain of explosive energy blasts that devastates the entire surrounding countryside. To charge the hud here


*Birth* 'Rai' Lelutka EvoX/ BOM Head - Tone 02_Brown


Heroes -  Almost Human Backdrops - The Bearded Guy

*barberyumyum*S20(05) style2 hair

*NW* Burning Soul Stacks - Jake shoes

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