Sunday, 8 May 2022

The librarian


Where it all started, or where you can find out how it started.

There are stories that should not be forgotten... Well, perhaps we should never forget. From memories, from the past and from our history we learn. Today I begin to record the result of my investigations. A task that has taken me a year, a long year of wandering between the shelves of the Carnelian Archive, where all the Fairlands chronicles are kept. The dust, the smell of leather, paper and history have been my faithful companions in this search, which is now over. It was something personal, yes. It has already been lost in time and in the silence of my relatives over the years, but I needed to know the truth. And the truth, like a polished diamond with countless faces, is not as simple as they imagined. There is no good or bad, but a mixture of the two whose balance maintains the Universe. Anyway, this is not the time to ramble. I think I should pick up the scattered fragments, hinted at in these flickr posts, and tell the whole story, though maybe not the whole truth, who knows....


.Viki. - Belleza - Azaroth @ Fantasy Faire 2022

Fitted for  Belleza, Legacy, Signature, Slink. Hud with six patterns and colors.


:[P]:- Kekyrion Orbs @ GIFT  Fantasy Faire 2022

With left and right hold options.

:[P]:- & TRAP – Nariverus M @ Fantasy Faire 2022

:[P]:- & TRAP – Nariverus M – Narcisa tone in photo.

25 skin tones and colors. Several eybrows shapes, options of freckles, moles and nails. Appliers for lelutka, Legacy, Belleza, slink. Evo and Evox options.

:[P]:- Eyes - Lini  @  in store now

Each set comes with a L and R unrigged eye in both spherical and ovular for the best fit possible with your preferred head. Also in the hud: Pupil, Shine, Shade, and Anims, Tinting, Material Shine, Glow, Alpha, and Layer Options. 2 Huds for colors or fades with 40 different textures. 

:[P]:- Vaera Claws + :[P]:- Nails - Kelstreia nail polish @ In the store

Nail Polish hud for Petrichor's Vaera Nails. Gold, Metalle and Silver base with 20 colors to choose, plus glow, shine and more options.


Exile:: Jordan @ In the store

Several shapes, style hud and more than 200 hair colors.



with hold animation

FNY  Fallen New York /

:FNY: Delivery - Clematis Viticella @ in the store or marketplace

The Clematis Viticella is a beautiful Vine Plant with small leaves and colorful blossoms with it's home in the warm and mediterranean region of italy in europe. The Plants are sitting on decent concrete cracks for giving it a more realistic touch. Includes Texture-Themes in this version are: Summer: Pink, Purple, Red, Blue; Autumn: DeepRed, Red/Green, Magenta, Brown, Autumn; Winter: WinterRed, WinterGreen, Leaves. Several shapes: Corner cover, corner left and right, hanger, sloped, straight and up growing. 


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