Saturday, 15 October 2022

Exterminate! Exterminate!


The Daleks are a perennial threat to our dual-hearted hero, and are the only villain so far to have faced every version of the Doctor. Their iconic screeching voice and plunger of death weapons have stood the test of time and made them into one of the most iconic alien races in sci-fi.
:[P]:- Vareni Muted skins - Shalani tone @ release in the store
15 skins tones where Shalani (in the photo) is one of the darkest. It comes in female and male version. 15 skin tones in Muted set, in the photo Daneries tone. Each tone brings also : 8 eyebrows shapes, applier for bento ears, and different bodies nails, BOM layers for bodies and EVOX options. Also brings one box with 10 BOM eyebros and 10 evox ones. 
Also brings mesh Elf Ears, to add to the ensemble. 

TwoSided exclusive is set of crop top and leggings named Studio 54. Sizes are for Kario, Jake, Legacy M and Lara (V-tech&flatchest). Leggings have cameltoe and bulge version. Color HUD has 9 colors.

CA - It's sonic! @2022 SciFi event
Bento animations, with the mirror one too. More interesting animations in the event

Vortech - Stranger Scenes W/Light backdrop  @2022 SciFi event
In this pack you will find one interactive Stranger Things backdrop and One Interactive TV non attached with physics. Interactive items include: The Table Lamp ( Touch for on and Off lighting); The Television ( Make sure media is enabled in your viewer and click the front of the TV screen to begin music television); The Sofa, This will sit upto 3 people with various poses and Bento animations.
The Backdrop is mod so you can change the colours of the fairy lights by editing them.

[Drac] Dalek Avatar @2022 SciFi event
This Daleks colour scheme is based upon the 1975 story, Genesis of the Daleks with Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor. It's set to say "Exterminate" every 100mins. Or you can click on the body to make it say "Exterminate".
The 100% exclusive items are the 2 Matrix Shirts (Ladies & Gents).50% items in other shirts plus the mesh avatars. 

The Master's Laser Screwdriver @ free in marketplace
Cyberman Head "Handles" @ free in marketplace
PPCB from TA TTC HUD BETA Version 1.3 @free in marketplace

::GB::Double belt metal boots (Belleza) Black @ group gift
:: ANTAYA :: Animated head implant "Zeta" rigged + hairbase evox

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