Wednesday, 12 October 2022

The judgment


With his hieratic gaze, without emotions or false hopes, he approaches us. His lamp searches through the debris of the daily battlefield for the hearts of the deceased, trapping them in the beak of his hammer. The final judgment arrives, like the Egyptians who succumbed to the weighing of souls, our impassive judge will issue his fateful verdict...


/Vae Victis\ - "Inquisition" - Bannered Horns - Large @ Hallow Manor event. October 14th. 

Market and hunt. It comes in three sizes, though you can modify them. It comes with a hud to color each part (horns, drapes or tattered) separately. 

/VaeV\ 'The Judge' Celestial Hammer @ in store now

It comes with a pose Hud (hold front, shoulder, side idle, front idle...) and a metal hud, to customize each part separately. With resizer.


:[P&E]:- Amoreia set @  collabor88 event

Fitted for Jake, Kario, Legacy, Davis, Gianni. Set comes with Wings also (not in photo). Hud with 30 different textures for the wings and more than 100 combinations of textures for cloths and arm or leg bands.

:[P&E]:- Graskin Lamp @ Hallow Manor event. October 14th. 

The lamps come for both hands or decoration, and the set brings a hud to change each part metal or texture. 


Exile:: Steph @ in the store

The Hair comes with 2 sizes an a hud with 200 hair textures plus style, glow and color options.


SKIN : Gilded [xy]+FGInc.+ Pearl NB @ ~Gloria Hunt Prize~ 

For Fallen Gods Inc. 15th Anniversary. Male and female options, in adult or pg options.


Serendipity: markus set: pose :markus... (5)

Synnergy// Heavens Gate  Backdrop

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