Thursday 31 March 2011

BC - Skifija

BC pampers us again with a cute skin and a cute outfit. Wear your group tag and grab it!

BC nos mima otra vez con una piel muy mona y un conjuntito también muy mono. Ponte el tag del grupo y cógelos!

And from the lucky board from Skifija i got this nice shoes with hud to change all the colours.

Y de la lucky board de Skifija tengo estas sandalias con hud para cambiarle el color a todo.


Skin and outfit/ Piel y ropa: Group gift from BC
Shoes/Zapatos: Lucky board gift from Skifija

The Unknown Hunt 1

This hunt is for new stores that opened after November 1st 2010. It starst on April 1st and ends on 30st. So perhaps is a nice oportunity to know all the new tallents in sl, huh?

En esta caza participan tiendas nuevas en SL que no estuvieran abiertas antes del 1 de Noviembre. Empieza el 1 de Abril, y termina el 30. Así que... quizás en una buena oportunidad para conocer los nuevos talentos en sl, no?

Dress & flats/ Vestido y bailarinas: PomPomPom - Spring Dress For The Unknown Hunt Spring (this store is the starting point/esta tienda es el punto de salida de la cacería)
Wings/Alitas:  PomPomPom - Butterfly Wings (TUH)
Diadema/headband: PomPomPom - Butterfly HeadBand (TUH)

Unisex T-shit/Camiseta unisex: PomPomPom - Spring Tshirt (TUH) 
Pants/Pantalones: PomPomPom - Red Corduroys (Skinny & Flared) Dollarbie
Chaise Lounge-table-lamp-rub/Chaise Lounge-Mesita-Lámpara-Alfombra: [Blackbird] Unknown Hunt Spring Gift

Wednesday 30 March 2011

Mixing things

Outfit: Suscribe gift in SE*Designz
Hair/Pelo: .+*HSAC*+. Hair ::COEUR:: Lucky board gift
Bracalets/Pulseras: .::BeautyCode::.Gold Bangles /Designer Circle  Dollarbie
Earrings/Pendientes: [ glow ] studio - Galaxy Clips [dollarbie]
Shoes/Zapatos: **[label mode] Stiletto special :: group
Skin/Piel: Moonshadow lola pale Gold - NEW RELEASE


* COG DESIGN *   Esta es la ropa que podemos encontrar en los MM
                                 This are the clothes you can find in the MMs of this store.

Sweet bites

This store opens today their new main store and you can find there this short and the scarf for free. 
Cute, huh?

Esta tienda abre las puertas de su nueva main store y nos deja free este short y la bufanda, monos verdad?

But that's not all, you can find all the stuff in the store only 70 L$ untill tomorrow 10 pm (spanish time). And a discounted area Yaaaayyyy!

Pero esto no es todo, hasta mañana a las 10 pm hora española, todos lo que se vende en la tienda está a 70 L$. Y además hay un área de descuento Yaaayyyy!

Dress/Vestido: #Sweet Bites#Sweater/Dress wool (Baby Pink) 70 L$
Skin/Piel: Veratyns dark * Dark pink (70 L$) (with teeth or without/ con dientecitos o no)

Landmark: Sweet Bites

Tuesday 29 March 2011

Monday 28 March 2011

Okey Designs - Clothing for men

Free item for the OKEY members in the vandor machine this is called BARCELONA by OKEY, full outfit

Free item for the OKEY members in the vandor machine this is called SEGOVIA SUIT by OKEY, full outfit


* ARIEN *   Uno de los free que podeis encontrar en la tienda
                     This is one of the freebies that you can find in this store

* SZD *

Los nuevos MM para chica y chico * SZD *

The new MM  * SZD *

Poised - Ali&Ali

Outfit/Ropa:  ::Poised:: Gossip NEW RELEASE 

Hairs from left to right/ Pelo de izquierda a derecha:
1. AA Hecate Hair Fire: Offer in marketplace
2. AA Hecate Hair Ash: Group gift from Ali&Ali
3. AA Drift Mohawk Black Onyx: Freebie in Yip Chayoo 's Affiliate Store
4. AA Tony Hair Darkbrown: Offer in marketplace
5. AA Winny Hair Cyan: Offer in marketplace
6. AA Hecate Hair Fire: Offer in marketplace
7. AA Winny Hair Lightblonde: Voting presents (this is free and can be found by the voting wall in the hair section/ Free por voto ( este pelo se puede conseguir en la pared de votos de la sección de pelo) Ali&Ali

Sunday 27 March 2011

.::TKO::. Total Knock Out

free gifts
REBELLION sweater and jeans
Denver Nuggets Fitted cap

Kyoot - Essences

Dress/Vestido: Kyoot - He Loves Me Best Dress (Red - Suscribe Gift)
Hair/Pelo: .+*HS*+. Group 4000 Thank you Hair ::GAST::
Skin/Piel: :: ESSENCES :: Vivienne Mocha  (2)
Shoes/Zapatos: ::TARA::Stiletto Point G Mix Red (past MM gift)
Jewells/Joyería: Same as the last entry / las mismas que en la entrada anterior :)

Shopping day... without spending money :))

Skin/ Piel: group gift from Letituer
Dress/Vestido: dollarbie in  Letituer
Hand shopping bag with pose/ bolsa con pose: Freebie en  Letituer
Shoes/Zapatos: SOM gift from Label mode
Earrings/ Pendientes: Dollarbie from Glow Studio
Necklace/Collar: *HolliPocket* Plain Pearl Pez (no free)

Saturday 26 March 2011


::GB::two-strand necklace GROUP GIFTone for guys and one for girls


* SYTLE EXTREM *   Para los chicos chaqueta sport    
                                     For guys this sport jacket                                                                                                        

* THE DEATH *  Vestido del MM con varias opciones
                             MM dress with multiple options                                                                  

Bubblez - Limited time offer

This complete outfit with short, bra, shirt, hair and earrings only 90 L$ for a limited time in Bubblez Designs

Este outfit completo con short, top, camisa, pelo y pendientes por sólo 90 L$ por tiempo limitado en Bubblez Designs

Skin/Piel: :: ESSENCES :: Vivienne Mocha  (3) NEW RELEASE
Shoes/Zapatos: Reek - Boston Boots - Navy - 50L Fridays!

Blue Waves

This is a pretty new shop. Here you can find MMs, lucky board, lucky chairs, dollarbie and cute neko style outfits for a nice price.

Esta tienda es bastante nueva. Aquí podréis econtrar MMs, lucky board, lucky chairs, dollarbie y ropita mona de estilo neko por un precio muy asequible.

MM outfit

BW - Baby Scratch

New releases

BW - Love Sucks

BW - Red Lips

BW - Your Call

Landmark: Blue Wave Style

Crime Scene featuring Holli Pocket

The Stuff.
Hair: Cake - Victoria
Skin: Tuli - Zoe - Timeless Treasures Hunt item (over)
Sunglasses - Maschienenwerk - Wayfarer - 0L
Necklace: Bubblez Design - Rain Pearl Necklace - 0L (group gift)
Top (long sleeve): Holli Pocket - Tie Me Up Pretty - 120L
Top (cropped): Holli Pocket - Lacey Lowers - 200L
Skirt (dark): couverture - A/W Skirt - 0L (group gift)
Skirt (light): Icing - Angle Food Cake (part of outfit) - 0L (former lucky board item)
Belt (worn w/ light skirt): chuculet - low waist leather - 2L
Shoes: MaMia - open toed high heel sandals
Location: RWB World

Friday 25 March 2011

Thursday 24 March 2011


  1. Nuevo regalo de grupo que podeis encontrar en la tienda * THE DEATH *                                      
          New group gift from the shop  * THE DEATH *  


Wednesday 23 March 2011

Poised - Chika outfit

This is the new release from Poised. An outfit with miniskirt and top. Each pack comes with 4 tops in diferent colours to convine. Thank you Poise <3

Esta es la última novedad de Poised. Un outfit on minifalda y top. Cada pack tiene 4 tops de diferentes colores para poder combinarlos. Gracias Poise <3

::Poised:: Chika Gray

::Poised:: Chika Fade

::Poised:: Chika Ecru

::Poised:: Chika Navy

::Poised:: Chika Coal

Landmark: Poised

VINYL CAFE - Dollarbie a day

The new dollarbie a day from Vinyl Cafe in The Dominion

El nuevo dollarbie del día de Vinyl Cafe en The Dominion

Tuesday 22 March 2011

Albero Kawaii hunt (3)

House/Casa: ::MH:: Kawaii Hunt Prize (AKH)
Blouse/Blusa: Noirilicious Top Strawberries (AKH)
Make up/Maquillaje: =HooT= Ladybug eyes (AKH)
Earrings/Pendientes: Willow Full Feather earrings (AKH)
Hair/Pelo: .+*HS*+. Hair ::KIMY:: Brown (Move for F of Japan) 120 L$
Shorts: Part of Friday outfit from Bubblez Design
Cheapeu: Ingenue :: Teetering Teacups Chapeau :: (AKH)
TV: {Tasty}-Mine Mini T.V. (AKH)
Chairs and wall emboidery/Sillas y bordados de la pared: Second Spaces Kawaii Cute set (AKH)
Desk/escritorio: :CP: Kawaii Cupcake Desk (AKH)

Olive Juice- Super Kawaii! Pose Pack (AKH)