Thursday 31 May 2012


Skin- -Glam Affair - Nina skin & lipstick tattoo TDR 33- OLD
Shape -  Lushish Catz - Iris /Siri Shape
Hair- Magika Land - Free Subscriber Gift
Outfit- Lushish Catz- Natisha Outfit& Ring ( includes Mesh boots not shown) - $55L Thurs. Special
Bracelet-Lushish Catz J- Pink/Zebra Bangles - Free
Shoes - :: Masha :: Wild Erica / Pink Zebra

In my messy Inventory 67

Skin/Piel: ::Modish:: Swansy Sunkiss [stuff in stock] - OFFER
Hair base / Base del pelo: RAMS TATTOO--WINGS 2
Hair/Pelo: !! P I N K lipGloss.hair - work out (review)
Earrings/Pendientes: *OC* Pepite earrings - peacock colors for Designer Circle - OFFER
Tattoo: . Sweet Sin . Animals Snake - NEW!!
Outfit/Conjunto: Arisaris Rig60 I love My Lips - NEW!!
Sneackers/Deportivas: MEMES SNEAKER *Tea Time* Group Gift

.:: JStyLe Store ::. And Graffitiwear

 New Free Group gift for the guys from .:: JStyLe Store ::.

MOH2 #05  Free gift from Graffitiwear
Graffiti Jams Shorts

Wednesday 30 May 2012


Skirt Mesh: BlueBerry - Group Gift
T-shirt: Intrinsic tank pink. JANE - Group Gift
Vest: Rock denim. *Tentacio* - NEW RELEASE
Shoes: Rosy Mood. Skin Addiction - Group Gift
Hair: Sweet Black. LollipopZ - LAST NEW

Tuesday 29 May 2012

New Release from Egoisme

New Release from Egoisme Pret a Portel - Lolita Collection.  Beautiful and comes in several colors, and with mesh boots together, this is not to be missed out. :) 

Hair @ ::Exile:: Heloise: Naturals
Accessories @  Zibska ~ Zivit Jewelry Set
Outfit @Egoisme  EHC - LOLITA - Beige (new release)


Alida & Jessie

Designer Circle #29 Collection is now available.
Skin- .::BeautyCode::. Skin Alida Tan - Blur Style F- Designer Circle
Shape - .:: BeautyCode ::. Shape Anastacia - Tan - NEW
Eyes - 1$L PROMO! Hazel Blue ~ Naturals >>>TechnoLATI
Hair- >TRUTH< Jessie -Free Group Gift
Dress-.::BeautyCode::. Mini-Dress Hot Chica - Black - Designer Circle
Jewelry - .::BeautyCode::. Silver square Necklace & Earrings - Designer Circle
Shoes- [AL] Soft Black Leather Knee Length Boots- $10L

Skin- .:: BeautyCode ::. Skin Anastacia Pale - NEW
Shape - .:: BeautyCode ::. Shape Anastacia - Tan - NEW
Eyes - 1$L PROMO! Hazel Blue ~ Naturals >>>TechnoLATI - $1L
Hair- >TRUTH< Jessie -Free Group Gift
Dress- Graffitiwear- Country Sun Dress - Designer Circle
Jewelry - Stars - Necklace and Earrings - Designer Circle
Shoes- TDR Blue Special - Flats MESH (green tea)- $30L

Rispetto Designs

MOH2 #09 Rispetto Designs, full outfit gift = Jeans and Caccia II Shirt

Monday 28 May 2012

In Air...

Dress: Naia Mesh. BlueBerry - NEW RELEASE
Shoes: AnkleRibbon. ARTEMIS - Group Gift
Earrings: Bird Of Paradise. [MAGIC NOOK] - Group Gift 1L
Hair: Liana. LollipopZ - LAST NEW
Skin: Dolly. +Tribe+ - LAST NEW

Pants: Damnit Baggy MOH2. [NV] - Hunt Gift (one ipad)
Sweater: Cozy Nights red (also in another color).  +Tribe+ - LAST NEW
Shoes: High Heels Mesh. *.:: deeR ::.* - Group Gift
Hair: Lola. LollipopZ - LAST NEW
Bag: mini-trunk. :Sey - Group Gift

PULL New Release

My LOTD for tonight :) 

Hair @ >TRUTH< Cate -  black & whites
Necklaces @ Pando Neck (F) by sad* ( gift)
Bangles @ .:Troubled Rebel:. Kawaii Hunt Gifty (old gift)
JumpSuit @ ][PULL][ Ivana Mesh 2 - Red  ( new release )
Bag @ Inworld Inc PolkaDot Orange Bag (MESH) ( Drezzup-50L)



Sunday 27 May 2012

Bad@zz & =Razorblade Jacket=

Bad@zz hunt item - Black hair 'Suave" + multicolored,  gift for MOH2
=Razorblade Jacket= Aqua Beach Towel, gift for MOH2

for the hunt you need the SLurls + Hints from Men Only Hunt Blog


Dress (includes boots): Mesh Magic in black (more colors). BlueBerry - NEW RELEASE
Hair: Marie. ""D!va"" - Group Gift
Earrings and necklace: Golden set. *Tentacio* - NEW RELEASE
Bag: D-Kilt tote (7 colors). :::Septem Essenta::: - Free Gift

 Dress:  Katy Romper grey / blue (this in other colors and textures). *Tentacio* - NEW RELEASE
Hair: Naomi (Onyx). ""D!va"" - Group Gift
Earrings and necklace: Rombo in Ebony. :: PM :: - Subscriber Gift
Handbag: Saten Bow Clutch. :::Septem Essentia::: - Free Gift
Shoes (pic1): Self Defensse -Navy. [Blossom] - 100L-Sale Price 50L
Shoes (pic2): Spalsh. [Blossom] - 100L-Sale Price 50L
In store Blossom, currently all prices are changed to 100L. The sale will run from May 28th-31st. During this period ALL BLUE shoes will be lowered to 50L!!!

Saturday 26 May 2012


Vestido: xanthia incluye sombrero y guantes en oferta!!!  *eluzion *
Pendientes: FREE  *eluzion *

Conjunto: Lorenia nuevo en oferta  *eluzion *
Pendientes : Lorenia free  *eluzion *

Friday 25 May 2012

In my messy Inventory 66

Skin/Piel: .:: BeautyCode ::. Skin Anastacia Pale - NEW!!
Hair/Pelo: Tameless Hair Flower - NEW!!
Glasses/Gafas: MDL- Strawberry Glasses - Momiji Hunt  In Lavanda Square
Gum tubble/Tuvo de chicle: MDL  - Tubble Gum - Momiji Hunt  In Lavanda Square
Tattoo: . Sweet Sin . True Love - NEW!!
Top: MDL - TShirt- (Blue-Yellow) - Momiji  hunt In Lavanda Square (4 different tops/4 tops diferentes)
Shorts: *GF*[Mesh] Frill Shorts -yellow- 100% Donation item in Culture Shock (finish tomorrow/termina mañana)
Shoes/Zapatos: [Whatever] mesh flats - rose - GROUP GIFT

Bench/Banco: *RnB* Planter Bench - 10 Poses - Poppin' Penguin Hunt


        Outfit: Dhariel. PeKaS - Group Gift May

              Dress MESH: Nini Color Royal Blue. *-*LA DULCE VIDA*-* - Group Gift
              Hair: Angela. RAW HOUSE - Group Gift
              Bag: Quilted Leather Tote. :::Septem Essentia::: - Free Gift

Pants: Mute Nauticals. Bleh - Free Gift
Top: Marinero. Chi Seid - 10l


You can find the top in this store *Tentacio* in three different colors and three patterns!

Top: Julia in blue/grey/pink. *Tentacio* - NEW RELEASE
Short Skirt: Giny. .::PiCHi::. - Culture Shock Gift
Bangles (pic1-2): Black. A.M.K.R - Free Gift
Jeans: Jeggings. [DuLcE] - Group Gift
Long Skirt: Artist Series Vasiliki Kappa. Paris METRO - Free Gift
Earrings and necklace (pic3): Blue Square. ((Crystal Line)) - Group Gift
Boots: Angelina. ((Crystal Line)) - Group Gift
Hair:  Pistachio Eggplant. Analog Dog - Free Gift

New Release from Egoisme - Evian Melinda Skin

Today it is a makeup day for me. :) 

Latest release from Egoisme - Evian,  I am wearing Melinda. Together with Melinda skin ranging from pale, medium,tan and dark, Egoisme also release 7 types of makeup, which are all are awesome.. 

I hope you get them as well.. Love it :) 

Skin @  Evian   MELINDA Tan/Bald (Breast 1) - new release
Makeup @  Evian  Makeups - Smoky Icon N. 6 new release
Lips by @  Evian   Makeups - Satin Temptation N. 3 new release

Skin @   Evian   MELINDA Tan/Bald (Breast 1). new release
Makeup @  Evian  Makeups - Electric N. 5  new release
Skin @   Evian   MELINDA Tan/Bald (Breast 1). new release
Makeup @   Evian   Makeups - Crystal N.9  new release
Skin @  Evian   MELINDA Tan/Bald (Breast 1). new release
Makeup  @  Evian   Makeups -  LIPcious N. 6new release

Hair @ ::Exile:: Groove Theory: Dark Browns
Skin @ Evian MELINDA  Medium/Hair new release
Bikini@  ::EnvyMe::Kate (part of the outfit)
Prop@ABS My Pink Umbrella Pose Pack
Skin @ Evian MELINDA  Medium/Hair new release
Hair @ Vanity Hair:Salome
Skin @ Evian MELINDA  Dark/Bald (Breast 1) new release
Top @ VERO MODERO / Chic Top Floral Hippi 
Skirt @ ..:: Legal Insanity ::.. Mita skirt Clovers boom white/brown new release
Skin @ Evian MELINDA  Dark/Bald (Breast 1) new release


This new outfit is from Lushish Catz called Santi. As you all know I love the turquoise /blue shades . The jeans are HOT! I really like that it has 2 options with fish net on side or just the jeans . The top is Mesh. Only a few days left at Designer Circle 28th collection and I just had to show off this lovely jewelry set by VR Jewellery.  The flats I am wearing are found on the marketplace and you get 3 sets for just $10L!
Skin- .:: BeautyCode ::. Skin Anastacia Pale - NEW
Shape - .:: BeautyCode ::. Shape Anastacia - Tan - NEW
Eyes- Keshie Group Gift (Liquid Light Eyes - Twilight Steel Shadow)- $0L
Hair- !!Calico Ingmann Creations!! Mandy - Designer Circle
Necklace- VR Jewellery Celtic Beauty Necklace 99 boxed - Designer Circle
Jewelry- VR Jewellery Celtic Beauty Accessories 99 - Designer circle
Outfit- Lushish Catz - Santi- NEW $55L Thursday special
Shoes- - Urban Girl - Aline  Moccasins $10L

Paty* - CaTwA*

Outift: Kirax. *PATY - NEW RELEASE
Hair: Dolly. ^;^CaTwA^;^ - NEW RELEASE

Thursday 24 May 2012

.:: JStyLe Store ::.,


new addition to the guys group gifts... here is *ERICK SHAPE and SKIN*


I just love this new skin by Beautycode. It goes well with my blonde hair styling using the free gift hair by Truth called Bunny. Scrub has releases a new jewelry set and it is Wicked!I matched it up with the new outfit by Lushish Catz and the free shoes from the hunt at Black Arts.

Skin- .:: BeautyCode ::. Skin Anastacia Pale - NEW
Shape - .:: BeautyCode ::. Shape Anastacia - Tan - NEW
Eyes- Keshie Group Gift (Liquid Light Eyes - Twilight Steel Shadow)- $0L
Hair- Truth-Bunny-  Free Gift
Outfit- Lushish Catz - Danni- NEW $55L Thursday special
Shoes - Black Arts - Nightstalker #10 of 47: ~ Black Arts WGD $0L
Earrings & Necklace- ...:::SCRUB:::...Death Cameo - NEW!!!!

I love the skin that I wanted to show off the 10 shades it offers.
here is Anastacia in Pale byBeautyCode.
Hair is by  !!CiC!! Jolie  - Designer Circle

Wednesday 23 May 2012

Grenade Free Wednesday (GFW)

Only available on Wednesday,below  100L or at 100L 

Hair @ ::Exile:: Groove Theory: Dark Browns
Necklaces @ .:CoLL:. Once Upon a Time Necklace ~ (GFW)
Dress @ (Ducknipple) Mesh TshirtDress - St. Purple(GFW)gfw6
Skin @ *Step inSide* DELIA milk cleavage  (GFW)
Top @ **S&C** Mesh Top - Circles (GFW)
Jeans @[trs] HighWaist Jeans - Classic Denim (GFW)teya7
Skin @ *Step inSide* DELIA milk cleavage  (GFW)

A House on a tree

This is another charity event and benefits on sales from some items goes to the RFL from the Amercan Cancer Society.
Here I show your a cute house on a tree from HomeKraft

House: HomeKraft - Darla Treehouse  . Avaliable in Home and Garden Expo

Skin/Piel: Corsiere - Skin GROUP GIFT #01 2012
Hair/Pelo: Alice Project - Katie - Naturals - MM
Necklace/Collar: *P* Flower Necklace ~Black-Purple-Green~ 25 L for Gacha Fool Hunt (includes earring/incluye pendientes)
Tattoo: . Sweet Sin . Bless - NEW!!
Earrings/Pendientes: ..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Aurora Earring - NEW!!
Ring/Anillo: *P* Flower Rings ~Black-Purple-Green~  It's Fun To Be 5 Hunt
Bangles/Pulseras: *Fishy Strawberry* bangles - wood
Outfit/Conjunto: BB - The Gypsy Mesh Outfit 299L new release
Shoes/Zapatos: *COCO*_Thong Sandal_Gray

Tuesday 22 May 2012


Outfit: Running. YDEA* - NEW Group Gift
Hair: Madeleine. BBC - Group Gift
Bag: Kill tote 7 colors. *Septem Essentia* - Free Gift
Bangles: TITMH #039. Serenity in the sun desings. - Hunt Gift (Pink Star)

The Shopping...

Dress: Louise Mesh. ***Bacidalucia*** - Group Gift
Hair: Vivienne. ^;^CaTwA^;^ - NEW RELEASE
Bag: Cleartotebag. *COCO* - Group Gift

Top: Uncut - yellow. ::Alterego:: - NEW RELEASE
Shorts MESH: MDL - Gift Subscribe 3000 v
Sneakers: Sneaker Boots blue. ..::Energie::.. - Group Gift
Bag: Jean. MDL - Group Gift