Saturday 30 June 2012

I'm hungry!!

Table and chairs/Mesa y sillas: BLD-Country  Table and Chairs{MESH}
Meals/Comidas: Aphrodite meat empanadas , Aphrodite ham & cheese empanadas , Aphrodite fatay- Arab empanadas - NEW!! 

Skin/Piel: .::CENSORED::. - #5 Summer Hunt
Hair/Pelo: Tameless Hair Cherry
Top: .::CENSORED::. - #1 Summer Hunt
Pants/Pantalones: [ bubble ] Denin Baggy Jeans - NEW!!
Nails/Uñas: MDL - Beauty Nails - Serie LBug - (Pink) - NEW!!
Shoes/Zapatos: DeColores Inc #7 Slip Toms - NEW!!

Skin/Piel: June. - Filthy group gift - M
Hair/Pelo: *Dura*The 2nd year Anniversary hair - GROUP GIFT
Outfit/Conjunto: GizzA - June Group Gift [Male]

Friday 29 June 2012

BlueBerry* - Tentacio*


Romper Mesh: Daena in Orange/Aqua (in many colors). BlueBerry - NEW RELEASE
Boots (1pic): Troy Brown. *Muism* - Gift Hunt MHOH7 #37
Shoes (pic2): Indigo Electrified. [Blossom] - Summer Freebie
Hair: GC-01. Salon de GLOW - Group Gift
Necklace (pic2): Steel. K!NG - Gift Hunt MHOH7 #25
Bag: Nancy brown/white (in many colors). *Tentacio* - NEW RELEASE 70l

John Holmes Skybox

The Mens Dept June round (ending soon) has tons of great things (see posts here and here for other TMD items). One of the standouts is the John Holmes Skybox from [Deco], which makes a perfect set for relaxing, entertaining friends, watching John Holmes classics from the 70s... or for recording your own. Here are some scenes from inside the skybox.

Johnny Wadd, 2012
Bedroom BachaSutra
  • Socks: Ziva's Underground Footwear - Lazy Saturday Mesh Socks Rigged (Cuddle Buddy Hunt #32 until June 30, MESH, includes 2 versions)
  • Tattoo: Tattoo Art - Lotus Dark (MHO7 Hunt #70 until Jul 15, includes multiple tattoos)
Couple Pose: Diesel Works - BachaSutra (Not Free)

Chic, après les ébats
Suntory Time
  • Shirt: LecoVita - Polo shirts gray/black (100l at Mens Dept until July 1)
  • Pants: Macho - Skater Jeans (MHO7 Hunt #33 until Jul 15, also includes a tank)
  • Shoes: English Muffin - Muffin Walkers (The Accessory Hunt #59 until Jun 30, also includes female sizing + sunglasses and a bag)
  • Pose: Focus Poses - Casual Men 1 (MHO7 Hunt #51 until Jul 15, includes 8 poses)
Full Boat
  • Jacket: Shadow Moon - Mesh Brown Leather Jacket (1l, Get The Newbie Hunt #27 until Jun 30, MESH, includes complete outfit & female gift)
  • Shirt: Sartoria - BW T shirt DROP Guns (MHOH Minihunt #3 until July 15, also includes shorts blogged above)
  • Glasses: Eclectica - glasses (The Accessory Hunt #57 until Jun 30, Unisex) 
  • Cards, Glasses etc: Kusshon - Gambler Set (150l at Mens Dept until July 1)
  • Whiskey Bottle: Ponitee - Santory (Free at SGB Summer Festa until June 30)
House of Cards
  • Jacket/Shirt: Havok - Fresh Leather Jacket W/Tee 2 (150L at Mens Dept until July 1, MESH)
  • Pants: Gizza - Loose Jeans Dark Blue (Moolto Sisters Hunt until June 30, also includes shirt & female gift)
  • Shoes: Fashion Emergency - Slip Ons (85L at Grunge Soul Project, Unisex)
  • Skin: Akeruka - Nando Full Tan (MHO7 Hunt #60 until Jul 15)
  • Shape: Stunning Shapes - Jeff (Summer Breeze Hunt #54 until Jun 30, also includes a female shape)
  • Hair: Amacci - Samson ~ Onyx (MHO7 Hunt #41)
  • Pose: Stakey - Aimless 02 (MHO7 Hunt #34 until Jul 15, modded, includes 6 poses)
Build: [Deco] - The John Holmes Skybox (150l at Mens Dept until July 1)

Hints & Slurls for hunts mentioned in this post: Cuddle Buddy Hunt - Depraved Summer Love Hunt - Get The Newbie Hunt - Make Him Over 7 - Moolto Sisters HuntShow Me Your Style Hunt - Summer Breeze Hunt - The Accessory Hunt

Carrie & Tori

Skin- BeautyCode- Skin Eve - Sensual Lips-Designer Circle
Shape : Lushish Catz - Iris /Siri
Eyes - Poetic Colors Autumn Moon- Free
Nails- ...::: SCRUB:::... Puzzle Nails NEW
Necklace-TAH #9 -> Trixxy's Shop Silver Necklace- Free
Shoes- TAH #4 -> Dressed by Lexi- Dottie Navy Blue - Free
Lingerie- PROMO Carrie Lingerie - $25L
Poses by Purple Pose

Skin- BeautyCode- Skin Eve - Sensual Lips-Designer Circle
Shape : Lushish Catz - Iris /Siri
Eyes - Poetic Colors Autumn Moon- Free
Hair- *Mayden couture* - Tori Black- Designer Circle
Outfit - ::: Mu-Shi Doll ::: Straps Dress Grey Designer Circle
Earrings- Smexy- Bracelet( RIGHT ARM)  & Earrings blackDesigner Circle
Bracelet-Lushish Catz ( Left Wrist ) Pearl bangals  7 - Free gift
Necklace - *JD*NECKLACE DICEDesigner Circle
Nails- ...::: SCRUB:::... Puzzle Nails NEW
Boots- Smexy Plateau Boots MusicDesigner Circle
Tattoo - !::Wicked Tattoos::i - Checkered Tattoo FREEBIE

Thursday 28 June 2012

In my messy Inventory - 73

Skin/Piel: Kyxe - KyxeStar Makeup - Wood Tone - GROUP GIFT
Hair/Pelo: Tameless Hair Cherry - NEW!!
Ring/Anillo: FZaPP Ring Flor-de-Pinos Silver by FZaPP - NEW!!
Bracelets/Pulseras: FZaPP Bracelets MESH Current Man and Woman - NEW!!
Nails/Uñas: MDL - Serie Sweet - City - NEW!!
Top: [ bubble ] Star Ruffly Top Pack:Mesh - NEW!!
Pants/Pantalones: [Chloe] Pants Luiza 5 - NEW!!
Shoes/Zapatos: MDL Shoes Metalic Black Tachas - NEW!!
Pose: PrincessMode:  Jive Pantie4

Skin/Piel: [ S H O C K ] Kisha Glamour Skin (Gift) - JUNE FESTIVAL GIFT
Hair/Pelo: (love) hair - melanie [fatpack] - 1 L
Top: .:cheeky:. My hanging strap short Shirt! Aqua [Gift] - JUNE FESTIVAL GIFT
Pants/Pantalones: *Anymore june jens edit JF_DEMO_- JUNE FESTIVAL GIFT
Belt/Cinturón: ezura + MESH . Slim Belt with skull - JUNE FESTIVAL GIFT
Bracelet/Pulsera: U.one Prrr Bangles - 5 L
Bag/Bolso: BLD-[SumBeach Tote]-MESH - SUSCRIBO GIFT
Pose: :: Focus Poses Model 60_ 4 ::

Limo: June Festival

Wednesday 27 June 2012


Skin- BeautyCode- Skin Eve - Sensual Lips-Designer Circle
Shape- BeautyCode- Shape Eve - Designer Circle
Eyes - Poetic Colors Autumn Moon- Free
Hair- *Mayden couture* - Tori red- Designer Circle
Outfit- Graffitiwear- Dk Blue Plaid  Summer ( Top, Skirt, Bracelet, Necklace, headband and shoes_- Designer Circle Collection #31 ( New Location)

Tuesday 26 June 2012

Summer Time*

Top and belt: Vera blue (in many colors). May's Soul - NEW RELEASE
Short: Catherina Short Jeans Borboleta. Winks MarketPlacer - Free
Hair: Venus. Salon de GLOW - Group Gift
Hat and bag: Summer time. *Tentacio* Perfect Wardrobe - NEW RELEASE


Skin & Shape- Jstyle - Lovely - Free group gift
Necklace- VR Jewellery Necklace loong line02 - Designer Circle 31st collection  New location
Earrings & Bracelet- VR Jewellery  Lineo2- Designer Circle
Hair- Miss C.. Damla - Champagne
Nails- N-core - Manicure

Monday 25 June 2012

Go to Beach*

Short overall: Short Overall Pink go to beach (2 colors some pack Green and Pink). *Tentacio* Perfect Wardrobe - NEW RELEASE
Sandals: WedgeSole. [BWC CLUB] - Group Gift
Bag and sunglasses: DOTTIE. *CentoPallini* - Group Gift
Hair: Marie All Colors. AUSHKA&CO - NEW RELEASE
Set jewerly: The Blood of Babylon. Chop Zuey - Gift DSL Hunt

Street Girl*

Sweater Mesh: Sgoulderfree sporty - acid / dance-pink. [nn] - NEW RELEASE
Pants (1pic): Bunched. .:SS:. - Group Gift
Pants Mesh(2pic): Athletic yellow/black. .::[NerdMonkey*Clothes]::. - Group Gift
Sneakers: My gear High Tops White. ::Duh!:: - Gift Summer Festa 2012
Hair (pic1): Ivory wood&Dark brown. Uw.St - Group Gift
Hair (pic2): Heart Honeycomb Roots. !lamb - Group Gift

Sunday 24 June 2012

In my Messy Inventory 72

Skin and Shape/ Piel y cuerpo: ::Modish:: LiLMay Sunkiss Skin and LiLMay Shape. June Festival Gift
Hair/Pelo: .+*HS*+. Hair ::FORE:: Blond
Earrings/Pendientes: Sn@tch Swag Bag (Crystal Gypsy Jewelry/Texture Change) - Free in SGB
Necklace/Collar: *** Just You Jewels *** Necklace Gift Summer Box - June Festival Gift
Dress/Vestido: 1 Hundred. June Festival Gift!
Cluch/Bolso: ::Duh!:: Little Leather Clutches Berry & Turquoise - 25 L in SGB
Shoes/Zapatos: U.one Diva Pump Heels Blue - 1 L

Saturday 23 June 2012

Festivals all around


Skin/Piel: .::WoW Skins::. Suraya 1500 MEMBERS GIFT
Hair/Pelo: SL9B Freebie by =DeLa*= FREE
Sunglasses/Gafas de sol: Part of ~CandyMetal~New Inauguration! Group Gift
Jewels/Joyas: FZaPP Set Paixao Group-GIFT By FZaPP
Top: Part of [Crash Republic] SFF Bikini - Free
Pants/Pantalones: BG UNISEX - Chalwar Patiala Linen Pants GROUP GIFT
Pose: shopo.O_stand_05


Skin/Piel: .::Mother Goose's::.Cookie-SGB Mall event - FREE
Hair/Pelo: Adoness: Nerida - Black (orange) - FREE in June Festival
Necklace: SOUP  pop*star /SGB summer festa 2012 - FREE
Ring star/Anillo estrella: *:..Silvery K.:*Silver Star Ring(Free) - SGB summer festa
Blue ring/Anillo azul: *Tentacio* gift - FREE in June Festival
Top: .::WoW Tube mesh top::. 4 colors - SFF
Skirt/Falda: part of Thalia's Fashion: Man Eater - FREE in June Festival
Sandals/Sandalias: [mdrm]beach sandal -  SGB Mall  event - FREE
Pose: *Kc*T Female Pose 0.5B - 1 L  in  SGB Mall  event

Friday 22 June 2012

My Garden*

Pants: Tartan. *Tentacio* - June Festival 100l
Top: Mesh Teens Loose Vest. ...:::AV!SAGE:::... - Gift DSL Hunt #42
Sandals: Beach. [mdrm] - Free Gift Summer Festival
Hair: Bahar All Colors. AUSHKA&CO - NEW RELEASE
Bag: Orient Express Voyage tote bag. Destiny's Designs - Gift SRH3 017 Hunt
Bangle, necklace, ring and nails: Princess Mia. Adoness - Gift DSL Hunt


Skin & Shape - Jstyle- Lovely - Free group gift
Outfit & Jewelry - Lushish Catz - Kizzy - NEW - $50L Fable Friday
Hair- Miss C. - Allen - NEW
Eyes -  Poetic Colors Autumn Moon- Free
Shoes- N-core - Caresse
Nails- N-core - Manicure

Thursday 21 June 2012


free gift from BMC for the Make Him Over Hunt
MHOH7 - #20 - BMC
allso you have the option of wearing JOGGING  PANT

Sunset on the Beach*


Shorts: Hotpants. 22769 - Gift Depraved Summer Love DSL Hunt
Top: Ramen (in pink and blue). *Tentacio* - June Festival 70l
Hair: Antonia All Colors. AUSHKA&CO - NEW RELEASE
Bag: Canvas. ::C'est la vie !:: - Group Gift
Ring: Green (in many colors). *Tentacio* - Gift June Festival
Necklace: Black. ^^Swallow^^ - Group Gift
Anklet: Sun. KOSH - Gift Depraved Summer Love DSL Hunt


Hola, SL Frees people! I'll be bringing you occasional updates on male fashion to complement Jo's excellent coverage and that of Estrellita and her amazing SL Frees team. You guys are lucky to have such a great group of bloggers showing you cool things on a daily basis and I'm pretty excited to be in their company.

Here are some shots I took while wandering through an abandoned building. You never know who or what you will find there...

The post uses various items from Make Him Over 7, which runs through July 15 and is an easy hunt with some fantastic gifts. Also quite nice is the texture change leather jacket/shirt combination from Ra Creations that is available at the Summer Fashion Festival (ends June 24). Finally, thanks to Melinauf of Frambuesas for letting me try her shapes.

Free Bird
  • Hoodie: Delirium Style  - Hunter Hoody Open Male Avg (Moolto Sisters Hunt until June 30, MESH, includes complete outfit & female gift)
  • Plugs: Regalo - Ear Plug Zebra (Group Gift, Unisex) 
  • Glasses: Kumaki Glasses Style - Facts Shade (MHO7 Hunt #3 until Jul 15)
  • Tattoo: Fashion Emergency - Free as a Bird (Cleaving Cliches Hunt #27 until June 15, 1l. Note: the owner tells me he will leave the gift out for a few more days)
  • Skin: My Ugly Dorothy - MD02 (150l at Mens Dept until Jun 30, also includes a shape)
  • Shape: Heartsick - Idira Shape (included with certain skins) 
  • Skin Toner: Ultra Shape - Skin Tint 01 Dark (Group Gift)
  • Hair: Hairart - Brandon Hair Brown (Group Gift)
  • Pose: Sparrowtree Studios Poses - My Feathered Friend (Free)
Splendor in the Grass

Make Him Over
  • Shirt/tank: Karma's Kreations - Black Open Shirt/White Tank (MHO7 Hunt #31 until Jul 15)
  • Pants: Delirium Style  - Hunter Jeans (Moolto Sisters Hunt until June 30, includes complete outfit & female gift)
  • Boots: May Creations - Outlaw Biker Boots (MHO7 Hunt #43 until Jul 15)
  • Pose: Focus Poses - Casual Men 6 (MHO7 Hunt #51 until Jul 15, includes 8 poses)
  • Complete Outfit: RGDW - Pop Flowers Shorts & Tank (MHO7 Hunt #10 until Jul 15)
  • Belt: Egoisme - Leather Belt (included with various outfits)
  • Boots: Delirium Style - Hunter Boots (Moolto Sisters Hunt until June 30, includes complete outfit & female gift)
  • Pose: PNP - Ladder 2 (MHO7 Hunt #48 until Jul 15, includes pose prop and five poses)
  • Tank (red): Ra Creations - T Shirt Alone (Not Free, MESH, Texture Change, included with leather jacket set at Summer Fashion Festival)
  • Tank (black): Lovecats  - Chill Tank (MHO7 Hunt #30 until Jul 15, includes complete outfit)
  • Necklace: The Stringer Mausoleum - Gypsy Bobbles Necklace (The Silk Road Hunt 3 #58 until June 30, includes female version)
  • Earrings: Collisions - Terra Cotta Swirl Gauge (The Accessory Hunt #5, Texture Change, includes 2 sets)
  • Bracelet: Death Row Designs - DRD Bangles (Lucky Board Gift)
  • Eyes: Insufferable DastardDeep Colors Aqua (50l at Mens Dept until Jun 30, includes MESH eyes)
  • Pose: PNP - Ladder 5 (MHO7 Hunt #48 until Jul 15, includes pose prop and five poses)
That Charming Man
 Location: Aught

Hints & Slurls for hunts mentioned in this post: Make Him Over 7 - Moolto Sisters Hunt - The Accessory Hunt -The Silk Road 3 Hunt

Kawala June Group Gifts

Skin/Piel: ~CandyMetal~ June Group Gift Skin
Hair/Pelo: Adoness: Rhea - Blood - 50 L Offer
Make up/Maquillaje: Moonshadow Summer love - SFF
Outfit/Conjunto: *kawala* Gift AZIZA - Beautiful - GROUP GIFT
Bracalet and legbands: *Kawala* Gift Antique Brass Bracelet/Legbands - GROUP GIFT

Wednesday 20 June 2012

A call*

Shorts: Yellow (in pink and red). Chi Seid in marketplace 5l
Sweater: Cropped. M*Motion - Midnight Summer Dream
Hair: Summer All colors. AUSHKA&CO - NEW RELEASE
Necklace: LongNecklace "R". :SEY - Free Gift
Nails: #078 Dream Gold. Candy Nail - Midnight Summer Dream
Bag: Leri Miles Designs - Gift Hunt
Pose mobile (1pic): My mobile phone. **Label Motion - Subscriber Gift

In the Forest*

Outfit: Karou for Gorean Room. *May's Soul* - 50L
Hair: Emily All Colors. AUSHkA&CO - Group Gift
Feet: Bare. Candy Nail - Group Gift
Skin: ZOE tan 1 cleavage. *Step inSide* - Group Gift

Tuesday 19 June 2012


Vestido grishma blue : solo 25L   *eluzion *
Vestido caslyn purple : wowowoow 19 L  *eluzion *
Pendientes xanthia :  super por 7 L   *eluzion *


Vestido Zypressa : Otra de las ofertas wwo tambien por 15L en  * Eluzion *

In my messy Inventory 71

Skin/Piel:  BAMBI_LB - Midnight's Dreams Summer 2012
Hair/Pelo: ::HINAKO Hair ::lampone** Smoky-pink - LB  Midnight's Dreams Summer 2012
Necklace/Collar: JKTrends Summer - girl necklace - SFF 
Sweater/Sueter: "=AnDreChi="  Sweater - SFF
Leggins: [LV]Leggings_VD_Limited_gift - GROUP GIFT
Shoes/Zapatos: _U.one_ Belissi Pump Mesh - 1 L 
Bag/Bolso: U.one Herrera Bag - 1 L

Monday 18 June 2012


Outfit: Ruth. *Tentacio* - NEW Stuff in Stock
Shoes: Pin up pumps Sunshine yellow. =SEXY BISH= - Free SFF
Earrings: Pavo Peacock. :::Sn@tch CHIC Birthday - Free (beachball)
Hair: UW.ST - Gift Hunt MHOH7 #4
Bag: Sash Lovely Ridge. ::EM:: -Gift Hunt DSL #63
Ice-cream: Melon Popsicle. Sanu - Free (beachball)
Beach Fun (chair whit 8 animations): Dremscapes Art Gallery - Gift Hunt BBH2 #53


Vestido Zibrina ; Super oferta por solo 15L en la segunda planta de la tienda y muchas mas cosas.... de 5 a 45L    * Eluzion *

Candymetal Group gift and RnB Hunt Gifts

Skin and Outfit/ Piel y conjunto: ~CandyMetal~ June Group Gift
Hair/Pelo: Adoness: Jazara - Sand - 50 L - SALES
Earrings and Necklace/ Pendientes y Collar: ..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Heart Set(PERFECT WARDROBE)
Rings/Anillos: ..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Melissa Line Ring for Stuff in Stock
Bangles/Pulseras: U.one Prrr Bangles - 1 L
Shoes/Zapatos: U.one Diva Pump Heels ZPink - FREE 24 Hours
Bag/Bolso: U.one Karisma handbag Pink - 2 L
Lamp/Lampara: Serenity Vintage Lamp in Green - SFF Free
Lounge and table/ lounge y mesa: The Cookie Jar Annyversary Hunt - *~* RnB Designs Furniture *~*- 1 L