Friday, 30 September 2011

22769 ~ casual couture & Indian summer Hunt

gift Indian summer Hunt - outfit
22769 ~ casual couture, country outfit, 30. September 2011

Love my new shoes!

Skin/Piel: GAALL Addison complete avatar pale
Make up/Maquillaje: Moonshadow Mimi - NEW!! Offer in marketplace during this week
Piercing: Pekka. Macro Piercing Unisex
Earrings and bracalet/Pendientes y pulsera: [ glow ] studio Fiori Set gold - GIFT
Glasses/Gafas: [ glow ] Studio - Glasses - Broken (past dollarbie)
Hair/Pelo: [TS] Helena Hair
Top: ***Arisaris AG66 Croshe and Flower - Group Gift
Tattoo: Heart Tattoo Black e Red from Princess (the little heart on the neck / el corazoncito en el cuello)
Pants/Pantalones: .::Censored::. Eriah Cargo Pants Black - NEW!!
Belt/Cinturón: {*I <3FashiOn*} - Giraffe Tech Belt
Shoes/Zapatos: ***ARMONY Suede Pumps Rig8 Red - NEW!!

Suede Pumps are avaliables in 5 tones. One colour is only 199 L and the fat pack is only 699 L
Los Suede Pumps están disponibles en 5 tonos. Un color cuesta sólo 100 L y el pack entero sólo 699 L

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Paris Metro Couture

another freeeeeee guys
Paris Metro: Artist Series Ally Aeon Exibition GIft Men's


El dollarbie nuevo que nos deja esta tienda incluido las botas y sus dos formas de vestir  * dafnis *
Pelos gratuitos con grupo en  * tram *


Nuevos makillajes de la marca MOONSHADOWS

Maquillaje MIMI esta de promocion en Marketplace a solo 50 l$
Maquillaje AKASH a solo 150 L$

Moonshadow Store

* MNK *

Regalo camisola con tag de grupo en * mnk *
Pelo regalo en  * tram*

New Release @ Love Cats

Meow Meow, I am a fierce Meow.. therefore my owner gag me :C 
New release from Love Cats, comes in 6 color choice. 
Landmark :- Love Cats

Outfit @LoveCats Hush Kitty Outfit Gold  (new release)


Outfit @ LoveCats Hush Kitty Outfit Blue (new release)
Tattoo @ Tenjin Mother May I Tattoo Faded 
Hair @ [TS] Helena - Black (new release)
Skin @ Sorry.Asia- JANE

Amarelo Manga @ New Mesh Release

Amarelo Manga released her first new Mesh Dress. 
Comes in 5 colors and with 2 shapes, either Curve or Average. I am wearing Average :)
Landmark : Amerelo Manga


Hair @ [TS] Helena - Black (new release)
Head Band @  [Virtual/Insanity] Like a Prayer Headband  (GFW)
Bangle @ B(R)[MANDALA]Milky Way Bangle/white
Manicure @ Mstyle Long Nails - Night In Moscow 
Dress @ [Amarelo Manga] - Dress Ariel (Avg - MESH) (new release)
Boots @ HouseofFox :: ArchSpineBoots Shoes ( gift)

NEW @ MIMI'S CHOICE 3 Piece suit , Gabriel


NEW @ MIMI'S CHOICE 3 Piece suit , Gabriel


NEW @ MIMI'S CHOICE 3 Piece suit , Gabriel


New Release @ Amarelo Manga

Iemanja is the Newest collection from Amarelo Manga.  
You can choose 5 colors from this collection.

Landmark : Amarelo Manga



Hair @ .:EMO-tions:. * Helena * 
Dress @ Amarelo Manga - Dress Lemanja (new release)
Accessories @ $GaNKeD$ Falling Star - Teal
Manicure @ Mstyle Long Nails - Night In Moscow

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Nuevo regalo free con tag de grupo vestidito woow en  *siopa *

Grenade Free Wednesday (GFW)

Grenade Free Wednesday is a weekly event that occurs every Wednesday only on the Jersey Shore a group of designers set an item out in front of their store for less than 100Ls, it will remain there from Wednesday 12:00am SLT till 11:59pm SLT. 

Go Go Go !!


Accessories @  Mandala
Corset @ *Holli Pocket* Lacey Corsets-Lavendar  (GFW)
Pants @  [ Cynful ] May Special (old offer)
Boots @  HouseofFox  :: ArchSpineBoots Shoes (group gift)

LMD Sport Hoodie Greenwt

Hair @  [Bellissimo] Gaara-Brown ( gift)
Headband @  [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] Like a Prayer Headband (GFW)
Sport Outfit @ Leri Miles Design (LMD) Sport Hoodie Hunter (GFW)

LMD Sport Hoodie Pinkspw4

Hair @  [Bellissimo] Gaara-Brown (gift)
Headband @  [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] L iike a Prayer Headband  (GFW)
Sport outfit @ Leri Miles Design( LMD )Sport Hoodie Pink (GFW)


Hair @ [Bellissimo] Gaara-Brown (gift)
Headband @  [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] Like a Prayer Headband  (GFW)
Shirt @ Lucifer Heart(.:LH:.) Kimber - Blue (GFW)
Skirt @  Lucifer Heart (.:LH:). Ivana - Wheat (GFW)


Skirt @  Lucifer Heart (:LH:.) Ivana - Berry (GFW)
Tattoo @  [trs] Belly Quote - Tattoo (GFW)


Hair @ Exile Born This Way/ Blacks
Headband @  [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] Like a Prayer Headband  (GFW)
Skin @ GSP 6-1 Katsucide Skins 
Accessories @  Zibska ~ Ute Chain Set in Black
Outfit @  [AB] CindyNipple Dress Black (GFW)
Boots @  HouseofFox :: ArchSpineBoots Shoes  (group gift)

Make Her Over Hunt

 (09/25/11 - 10/25/11)

Her name is ShanaJulia, she is my RL friend, whom just joined Second Life. I taught her how to go and hunt for gift, and this is her first look from the Make Her over Hunt. 


Hair @ *BC322 MHO-Prasline Lolita
Shape @ Alter Ego Shape - Michela-Make Her Over Hunt 
Skin @ Ruby Skin Phoebe Skin 2
Accessories @ Ear Candy ~ MHO Bangles
Dress @ I ALEIDA I Christas 


Check the new hair styles of LoQ, called Brandy and Whiskey I and II!


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Candymetal - ChiChickie!

Skin/Piel: .::Mother Goose's::. + YU +LB
Hair/Pelo: ChiChickie! Ellie - Cinnamon - Suscribo Gift
Complete outfit with bag and boots/Outfit completo con bolso y botas: ~CandyMetal~ Special Semanal Dollarbie 2.0
Necklace/Collar: [Fairy Tail]Jewelry Fair GIFT
Bracalet/Pulsera: ..::SC::.. Ceramic Bead Bracelet - Jewelry Fair Gift

Teya @ Mu-Shi Doll

Today I got a VERY BiG Surprise.
and humbly, I would like to thank  Ms. Zel from Mu-shi Doll because she named one of her outfit under my name, thank you very much <3 

Landmark : Mu-Shi Doll  


Hair @ >TRUTH< Sileny  
Skin @ *JeSyLiLO*:::Gsp:::*TanSkin*7 
 Dress @ Mu-Shi Doll Leather Teya  (new release)
Boots @  Indyra Originals - Coquette Noir Augustine (Red Seal Hunt II)

Lipgloss @ *JeSyLiLO*::Lips::*Gloss (Pink) - (new release)
Manicure @  Mstyle Long Nails - Night In Moscow 
Sunglass @ K_gs PiggyBoop (hunt item)

GIZZA Lordly Jacket black

Check the great Lordly Jackets of GIZZA @ MIMI'S CHOICE, great colours !
nails and bangles:¨Purple Moon @ Mimi's Choice
skin: LaVie


GIZZA Maxi skirt and Velvet Jacket purple

Check the new Fall collection @ MIMI's CHOICE
outfit:: Maxi skirt and Velvet Jacket of GIZZA
hair: Liqueur LoQ (Mimi's Choice)
nails: Purple Moon platinum (Mimi's Choice)
skin: Jenny tan smoke REDGRAVE



Los regalos nuevos (camisolas) que podeis encontrar en  * lo momo * con tag de grupo

Monday, 26 September 2011

Cute even with my mustache??

Skin/Piel: .::Mother Goose's::. Alicia -freckle_LB
Hair/Pelo: ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Soledad Hair Majestic - Free
Glasses/Gafas: { birdy. } stache horn rimmed glasses - NEW!!
Necklace and bracalets/Collar y pulseras: :::LiNe::: PunkyChain Set - Past hunt gift
Tattoo: URCo.> Retro Full Body Tattoo
Dress/Vestido: ::VMC:: Jenny Dress - Pink - NEW!! - 10 L
Shoes/Zapatos: [BC] Pumps pink latex plataform - Free

** SaWoDe **

2 of 5 free items for guy
plus there are also 5 free gifts for girls

free gift
*SaWoDe* Exclusive group gift 3
Sawode Justin Jacket 05

Free gift
*SaWoDe* Pyj Pullover

Gift Gift Gift

Lovely, gotta get 'em all

Hair @ Truth
Skin @ KRASOTA - Svetlana skin (New Release) 
Accessories ! $GaNKeD$ Bunnies Revenge 
Dress @ :Mashooka: Janice dress - Mesh {red}(Group Gift)
Shoes @ KristicA - Milana Shoes Mesh(New Release) 

Hair @ Amacci Hair Morgan 
Skin @ KRASOTA - Svetlana skin  (New Release) 
Accessoriees @ Finesmith Inspiration Rusalka Bracelet
Dress @ Agnes Finney_Kathy VIP -new (10L gift )
Shoes @ KristicA - Milana Shoes Mesh(New Release) 


Lo nuevo con varias opciones de vestir y colores incluye zapatillas,cola,orejas y solo 99 L * beautiful *

NEW ! JADOR Barbara @ Mimi's

NEW ! JADOR Lucilla @ Mimi's

NEW ! JADOR BB Suit @ Mimi's

NEW ! JADOR Onorina @ Mimi's

NEW ! JADOR Mariapia @ Mimi's

NEW ! JADOR Argy @ Mimi's

NEW ! JADOR Ljuba @ Mimi's