Saturday 30 July 2022

Let's meet in our dreams tonight...

❤️  Meva  ❤️

Naima Dress

10 colors in HUD for Dress, Belts, Buckles, Zipper, Tassle

Maitreya (Petite) - Legacy (Perky) - Reborn (Juicy)

available at KINKY EVENT

► 目脴T脨 1841 ◄

Head: Lelutka
Body: Legacy Perky
"Pressurelicious" Pony by REVOUL - Available at THE GRAND Event
.:Vegas:.  Tattoo Peony
. Nar Mattaru . Moody Lashes 
// L // - Nail
Eclat - Ari Choker
Vibing -- Arya Earrings --
"Lliana" Top by MELODY FASHION
"Lliana" Skirt by SCANDALIZE Originals 
"Lliana" Panty by SCANDALIZE Originals 


Friday 29 July 2022

Don’t cry buy a bag and get over it! 馃槉


馃敼 Kelsey Top 馃敼

16 colors in HUD + 10 

Maitreya (Petite) - Legacy (Perky) - Reborn

馃敼 Kelsey Backpack 馃敼

20 colors for Bag and Flowers + 3 metal

available at The Warehouse Sale Event 

Thursday 28 July 2022

Let your dreams be the wings with which you take to the skies...


Dress Adriana

8 colors in HUD

Maitreya (Petite) - Legacy (Perky) - Isis (Perky) - Freya (Perky) - Hourglass

available at mainstore

► 目脴T脨 1839 ◄


Head: Genus Classic
Body: [ INITHIUM ] Kupra
"Majer" by FAGA HAIR
"My Jun" by MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt - Available at eBento
[POM] Cyndi Bracelet
.::Supernatural::. Betina Necklace 
"Elsie" Dress by FASHIONNATIC - Available at UBER Event 

Wednesday 27 July 2022

Somewhere deep inside of me There's a world only i see...

馃挍  .PULL  馃挍


Skirt - Top

12 colors

Maitreya - Legacy - Kupra - Reborn

available at mainstore

► 目脴T脨 1838 ◄

Head: Lelutka Lilly
Body: Legacy Perky
"Pomelo" by WASABI 
Michan - Anna Necklace
Hangry - Choc Chip Cookie Bucket 
Hangry - Single Cookie
"Miriam" Top by SENIHA Originals 
"Miriam" Skirt by SENIHA Originals 


Bohemian Holidays


How great it is to get lost a little in unexplored landscapes! I have taken my van, my dog Max and my guitar and I have decided to travel without a fixed route. I don't know what I'll find around the next corner, or where I'll sleep tonight, but for now the experience is still fun and interesting.

SN  Something New Props & Poses /

SN~ Going Off Grid @Around The Grid 10 Hunt

4 single poses and prop included: Van with dog and accesories, plus binoculars, coffea cup and cigarette.

Hint - Come ride with me and lets get off the grid!


*Birth* 'Idan' Lelutka EvoX/ BOM Head @ New Release  in store

 Tone 03_Brown in photo

It blends with any store body skins. BOM layers only. In the photo in Lelutka EON head. Two options (brow and browless), and 4 brow colors. Shape included in pack.


Exile:: Knox  @ in the store now

Hud with 200 hair color and style options.


Top and Trunks Tray TwoSided @ I said NO event July 16, 2022

Fundraising event for RAINN, all income goes to donation. TwoSided exclusive is men set Tray - tank and trunks. Sizes are for Belleza Jake, Legacy male, Lara flatchest and Signature Gianni; color HUD has 9 textures for tank and trunks.


SPARROW // sandals / Gabby //

Rigged for Belleza F and M, Legacy F and M, Gianni and Belleza Jake. Hud with 40 colors for sandal, 40 for laces and 4 colors for the sole.

Tableau Vivant \\ Triple hoop [gold] (right)

.:Vegas:.  Tattoo Light Take Over

!! NE! Atlantis-Hunt male necklace

Black . Sand I'll Always Love you Bracelets  1.0

Cae :: Basics - Solitaire :: Stud Earring

► 目脴T脨 1837 ◄

Head: Lelutka
Body: Legacy Perky
"Cowgirl" by LYBRA - Available at ANTHEM Event
"Wild west princess" bandana by *CK* CANDY KITTEN - Available at ANTHEM Event 
"Wild west princess" hat head by *CK* CANDY KITTEN - Available at ANTHEM Event 
"Wild west princess" hat by *CK* CANDY KITTEN - Available at ANTHEM Event  
"Wild west princess" shorts by *CK* CANDY KITTEN - Available at ANTHEM Event 
"Wild west princess" straps belt by *CK* CANDY KITTEN - Available at ANTHEM Event 


Tuesday 26 July 2022

► 目脴T脨 1836 ◄

Head: Lelutka
Body: Legacy Perky
"Hana" Sneakers by LSR Originals   - Available at TRES CHIC Event
"Hana" Bra by LSR Originals   - Available at TRES CHIC Event
"Hana" Pantie by LSR Originals   - Available at TRES CHIC Event


Monday 25 July 2022

Being happy never goes out of style.


Dress - Garters (maze) - Heels

10 colors in HUD

Maitreya - Legacy - Kupra (Low, Original, Bimbo) - Reborn - K. Erika

available at INOV EVENT

► 目脴T脨 1835 ◄

Head: Lelutka
Body: eBody Reborn
 tram L0525
Livia::Willow Bento Rings
Maze.mods - Soft Thigh
Reborn - Juicy Boobs - Addon
[ kunst ] - Juliette earring
~~Ysoral~~.:Luxe Wedding Ring Eiffel Tower:.
- Secrets - Lana Piercing
. Puki . My Standard Square Nails
 "EMILY" by **UTOPIA@Design** - Available at UBER Event
"Lucky You" Garter Squished by [[ MASOOM ]] - Available at EQUAL10
"Lucky You" Skirt by [[ MASOOM ]] - Available at EQUAL10
"Lucky You" Top Squished by [[ MASOOM ]] - Available at EQUAL10


► 目脴T脨 1834 ◄

Head: Lelutka
Body: Legacy Perky
"Viviana" by FAGA HAIR 
Savage time. Hat
`M.Birdie / Lottie look. Necklace
"Daphne" Heels by FASHIONNATIC - Available at Cosmopolitan Event
"Daphne" Shorts Jeans by FASHIONNATIC - Available at Cosmopolitan Event
"Daphne" Top (PushUp Legacy) by FASHIONNATIC - Available at Cosmopolitan Event


Sunday 24 July 2022

The Sound of Sunshine...

馃挋 Apple Blossom  馃挋


Short - Chain - Top - Sandals

Maitreya (Petite) - Legacy (Perky) - Reborn

available at Equal 10

► 目脴T脨 1833 ◄

Head: Genus Classic
Body: Legacy Perky
tram L0708
"Butterfly" Bracelet by L.I.C. Main Store
"Butterfly" Necklace by L.I.C. Main Store
"Gail" Dress by AURICA Store 


► 目脴T脨 1832 ◄


Head: Lelutka
Body: Legacy Perky
Truth / Eclipse 
Mallsace Micro Baguette by VERSOIS ET MAILLOUX
Kibitz - Keria's rings 
Michan - Becca Necklace
"Elisa" Dress by MARTI

Saturday 23 July 2022

Beach and gym, the perfect combination in summer



.::4BIDDEN::. Damien Gym Tank @ New Release in store

This item comes in 3 different texture pack and comes in a mega pack too. Item fits Jake, Legacy, Gianni, and Kario Fit/Flex bodies. This item matches the Wyatt Speedos that are at Command event

.::4BIDDEN::. Wyatt Speedo @ Command Event July 12th - Aug 5th.

This item comes in 3 different color/texture packs with a Mega Pack too. Item fits Jake, Legacy, Kario Fit/Flex, Enzo, and Gianni 


Exile:: Dylan @ in the store

Hud with more than 80 colors, resizer and style hud.


*Birth* 'Idan' Lelutka EvoX/ BOM Head @ New Release  in store

 Tone 03_Brown in photo

It blends with any store body skins. BOM layers only. In the photo in Lelutka EON head. Two options (brow and browless), and 4 brow colors. Shape included in pack.


SN~ Home Gym Prop @ DUBAI EVENT 2022 20th July - 10th August 

Exclusive backdrop, only 49L

SVP / 

SVP Dovelli set @ in store now

Pose 6 in photo

Thursday 21 July 2022

Tokio Zero




It fits Jake and Legacy bodies. It comes in four texture options: black, Kaji, White blood and White


Animated with 2 idles. Several patterns: 666, chess, gem, green, red, splash, white and gold. AMBIT -

[TNK] MAELSTROM MK-7 - GRUNGE (LEFT) 50% off now @ in store now

Prosthetic arms. Rigged for Legacy and Jake 2.0 with 7 patterns options: dark night, full black, grunge, homodemens, kaneda, otokagure, red night.

[TNK] TECHWEAR PANTS - RED (TUCKED) @ in store now

Tucked and normal versions. In several pattern options: Black, Bones, JPN, OFF, and RED. For Jake.

[TNK] TENDO ONI MASK – RED 50% off now @ in store now

In three options: gold, red and White. Mody and adjustable.


Air_13) SOUGYO _Black G+Red hat

[The Forge] Vyper Katana, Steel

::GB:: Geta boots

Poses: Serendipity: james... (bento)



[TOKYO ZERO] UPSIDE DOWN  - https://www.tokyozero.net/

Summertime and the livin’ is easy…

馃挋  ViSion 馃挋


Swimwear & Sarong

Maitreya (Petite) - Legacy (Perky) - Reborn - Kupra

available at ACCESS

Tuesday 19 July 2022

Sun is alone too...but it still shines.

馃挋  . R U N W A Y . 馃挋


8 colors

Maitreya Lara - Legacy (Perky) - Slink Hourglass - Belleza Freya

available at mainstore

Sunday 17 July 2022

Feeling grand in green...

Tacy Dress

14 colors in HUD

Mix & Match options

Maitreya (Petite) - Legacy (Perky) - Kupra - Reborn - Reborn Juicy - Erika - Erika Petite Waist

available at BIG GIRL EVENT

Friday 15 July 2022

Wednesday 13 July 2022

- 1570 - Cowgirl


Cabelo: Hair Oakley Absolute Pack Wasabi - Anthem Evento.

Top e Saia: Top e Skirt Meredith Brown Belle Epoque - Anthem Evento.

Colar: Lolita Necklace Set Gold NaaNaa's.

Tuesday 12 July 2022

Monday 11 July 2022

Saturday 9 July 2022

Stepping through the clouds



-Birth- 'Love Cheeks' - Tintable @ group gift February

Two kinds of textures come with these cheeks, pink hearts and a white version that is tintable.Item is modify (except script) so the color, glow, transparency, etc. And can all be easily edited as you would any prim.


ALMA Makeup - PRIDE TATTOO UPDATED - June 2022 @ in the store 

ALMA Makeup - PRIDE TATTOO for  Lel.EvoX - 3.1 


.::4BIDDEN::. Grant Arm harness @ Command Event

This event already started and will go on till july 4th. The Grant Arm Harness come in 10 different leathers and 10 different metals. Fits; Jake, Legacy, Gianni, and Kario Fit/Flex.

.::4BIDDEN::. Royal Speedo @ the ManCave Event.

Event starts on the 17th of June and will go till July 14th. This item has 3 texture packs with a mega pack with all 3 in it. Each pack comes with 10 different colors and different patterns for each pack. This Item Fits; Jake, Legacy, Gianni, and Kario Fit/Flex bodies.


Exile:: Apollo @  Hair Fair 2022

Apollo 2 in photo. Two sizes and 200 hair color options, glow, color and materials on /off. 4 styles.


Zibska Cvetka set @Zibska for Vanity Event July 2022**

Modify in diferent positions. Set includes headpiece, left & right cascades with 9 colour sets for petal sections 1/3/4 and beads.

Zibska Orcus Orbit Left and Right @ Zibska for Cyberpunk Fair May 2022** In store now

Zibska Orcus mask includes mask and orbits left & right with 16 colours via HUD for mask main and orbits.

Mystic Arch Winter - The Bearded Guy

MINIMAL - August Group Gift -without letters

Synnergy// Heavens Gate  Backdrop

Friday 8 July 2022

Turn around... Every now and then I get a little bit lonely...

馃挋  [C.Y<3Fashion] 馃挋


Top - Shorts - Sneakers - Pasties - BOM socks

Top for body: Maitreya - Legacy (Perky) - Freya - Isis - Alice - Hourglass - eBody Curvy

Shorts for body : Maitreya - Legacy - Freya - Kupra - Hourglass


Thursday 7 July 2022

The power of God


I gather all the energy and anger inside me and project it through my hands....


[TRV] Kratos_Rage_Of_Sparta_Melee @in the marketplace and in store

Melee activated by hud, grants combat ability to punch enemies sending them away. For left and right hand options. Also Melee and Destructive Drop.


Zibska for We <3 Role-play July 2022**

Zibska Osip Makeup 10 in the photo

Cosmetic packs both include 15 colours and are compatible only with Lelutka heads with the EVO X uv option and include tattoo & universal tattoo BOM layers. Set of Makeup and set of Lips.


:[P]:- Valjire Cuffs [Jake M]:[P]:- Valjire Cuffs M @ Fantasy Faire 2022 (in the store now)

Unrigged options or rigged for Jake, Gianni, Kario and Legacy. Five hud with textures and colors for each part.


Exile:: Apollo @  Hair Fair 2022

Two sizes and 200 hair color options, glow, color and materials on /off. 4 styles.

Exile - Riggs Evox Hairbase- Red


Menkini Borat TwoSided @ MENSELECTED 3th July 2022 

Menkini Borat is made for Kario, Jake, Legacy, Gianni and Lara with flatchest or V-tech boi chest. Color HUD has 25 colors for straps and bulge with option to hide bulge 


GOD TATTO  GREEN @ in marketplace

Bom tatto for anybody.

*Birth* 'Drew' Lelutka EvoX/ BOM Head - Tone 03_Brown

Sodalsia Splash Emerald Backdrop - The Bearded Guy

..::ILLI::.. Unrigged Manly Sandals

Wednesday 6 July 2022

Anything that costs you your peace is too expensive...let it go...

馃挍  YoUnique Couture  馃挍


Dress and black BOM underpants

20 colors in HUD

Maitreya - Legacy - Reborn (Juicy) - Kupra(Bimbo) - Freya - Hourglass

available at SWANK EVENT - 05th - 30th july

Tuesday 5 July 2022

Keep your face always towards the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you.

馃挋  .BF. Joya Outfit  馃挋

Top - Romper

Romper - 13 colors in HUD

Mix & Match options for Top

HUD for metal and Lace Jeans

Maitreya - Legacy (Perky) - eBody Reborn

available at TRES CHIC

► 目脴T脨 1823 ◄

Head: Lelutka
Body: Legacy Perky
"25" by VANITY HAIR 
Arm Tattoo - No. 30
Maze.mods - O-Ring Garters
Formanails - Kalisha 
"Darleen" Collar by AURICA Store 
"Darleen" Corset by AURICA Store 
"Darleen" Panties by AURICA Store 


Monday 4 July 2022

And the night comes on , It's very calm...

❤️  JF Design ❤️


Pants - Top - Ribbon

22 colors in HUD 

HUD for metal

Maitreya - Belezza (all) - Hourglass

available at mainstore

I'm A Bitch, I'm A Lover

Featuring Elisabeth Outfit by .:F L O Y D :.  Top and panties available in 12 colour options and is compatible with Maitreya.

Energy Event 60L$

Weekend 4th July Offers and many more on sale NOW at FLOYD STORE

Fay Boots by .:F L O Y D :.  available in 18 colour options and is compatible with Maitreya, Freya and Hourglass.




Sweet Sence Nails No7 by .:F L O Y D :. available at marketplace