Sunday 30 September 2012

In my messy Inventory - 109

Skin/Piel: [MC] Free Green Zombiefied Skin - GROUP GIFT (in group notices/en las noticias del grupo)
Hair/Pelo: [CheerNo] Meshair Lotus Dark 3.1 - GROUP GIFT
Dress/Vestido: [Not a Toy]-Present-Soul Reflections-NaT Crate - GROUP GIFT
Shoes/Zapatos: FWH 20    AZOURY - Past hunt gift/Regalo auntiguo de cacería

Secret Garden

I've sort of been trapped in my secret garden all month, but here are some odds and ends I've wanted to blog and just didn't have the time. Note the nice skin from Egoisme that you can get at Menstuff Lounge (50l joiner fee though). Also this month's Mens Dept ends Monday. If you haven't been, go check it out, there is lots of great stuff there.

Rio Grande
Sleepy Ravi
Secret Garden
Shelves & Ladders
Build & Decor:

Hints & Slurls for hunts mentioned in this post: Moolto Sisters Hunt - School Daze Hunt

In my messy Inventory - 108

Skin/Piel: ^Nous Vous^Steffy Skin Purple Ligth Skin
Hair/Pelo: Miss C. Subscribe Gift / Pink - Fat Pack - SUSCRIBO GIFT
Glasses/Gafas: Things I Like - My Teen Glasses (pack with 6 glasses/Pack con 6 gafas) - NEW!!
Top: [Not a Toy]-Present-Modern Comunications Mesh Top Crate - GROUP GIFT
Jeans: Koko - High Waisted Jeans - Group Gift
Bag/Bolso: S@BBiA::GroupGift No.28
Shoes/Zapatos: BM Nadine Patent Pump Olive - Lucky Board

Saturday 29 September 2012

In my messy Inventory - 107

Skin/Piel: MDL -Petronela Dollarbie
Hair/Pelo: .:EMO-tions.. *LALA* GROUP GIFT
Silks/Velos: *Kawala* Autumn Group Gift
Feet and hand vell / Pies y velos de las manos: *Kw*Autumn Accessories set - 70 L

In my messy Inventory - 106

Old Europe has an autum market and there's a hunt (Find an Acorn Hunt) too where you can find lot of nice gifts like this ones.
Old Europe tiene un mercadillo de otoño y además hay una cacería (Find an Acorn Hunt) donde podéis encontrar un montón de regalos como estos.

Skin/Piel: Style by Kira - Serenity Skin - FAH
Hair/Pelo: ""D!va""  more than 20000 group member celebration  gift
Earrings and ring/Pendientes y anillo: .HW. Flare -Earrings/Ring Set- FAH
Necklace and bangles/Collar y pulseras: Part of Moonshadow Shell set
Outfit/Conjunto: .::Fdo.0m::. Camila Outfit3 (shoes included/zapatos incluidos) - FAH

Limo: Old Europe

New Release :)

Check them out :) 

Hair @ Tameless Hair Beatrice ( new release )
Skin @ *Diamond Style*Skin Doris Fair make up 06 ( new release )
Ring @ FZaPP Ring Mesh precious 05 By FZaPP ( new release )
Outfit @[inMonster] sWeet Suit ( new release )



Dress: Cocktail Mesh. *Stars*Fashion* - Promo 99L
Shoes: Open Toe Mesh Pumps. ..::Punky Chicks::.. - Group Gift
Hair: Ouzo Fat Pack. "LoQ Hair" - Subscribe Gift
Earrings and ring: Flare. .HollyWeird. - Free in Autumn Fair - Old Europe
Bangle: Bracelet. SWALLOW - Free in Notices Group: secondlife:///app/group/367f29bb-00d5-c352-9c6d-b1eac4c09133/about

Friday 28 September 2012

In my messy Inventory - 105

Skin/Piel: GAALl Cuore tan natural (Part of Cuore complete avatar/Parte del avatar completo Cuore)
Hair/Pelo: LollipopZ Julie/ July 2012 Group Gift
Jewels/Joyas: Moonshadow Aglaia set
Dress/Vestidos: ::HH:: Hucci Group Gift Calvi & Dallas - SUSCRIBO GIFT
Shoes/Zapatos: ***ArisAris Pumps Black and white dots - NEW!!
Glasses/Gafas: Things I Like - Mixin colour glasses - (pack with 2 colours/pack con dos colores)


Skin/Piel: ~CandyMetal~ Autumn Skin - GROUP GIFT
Hair/Pelo: Tameless Hair Liv
Eyeshadow/Sombra de ojos: La Malvada Mujer - The beam in the eye #1
Necklace/Collar: *P* Fairy Necklace ~9 Quartz Textures~ Fairytale Fantasy Hunt
Outfit/Conjunto: ~CandyMetal~ Samie Outfit Grey - NEW!!
Tattoo: Rams Tattoo: cherry all
Shoes/Zapatos: ~CandyMetal~ Pumps Open Toe MESH Laze Skull - NEW!!
Bag/Bolso: {*I <3fashion -="-" a="a" href="http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Baron%20Island/179/163/2414" sugarskull="sugarskull">STUFF IN STOCK

Skin/Piel: *Step inSide* Group gift M
Hair/Pelo: Discord Designs -  [RJ / Jada]
Outfit/Conjunto: ~CandyMetal~ September Men Group Gift

Limo: Candymetal

Thursday 27 September 2012

New Release from Countdown !

Lets go into style with Countdown for this fall. 

Earring/ Bangles & Ring @FZaPP Earrings Alone 03 (new release)
Outfit @ Countdown.Miu Miu Coat Blue (new release)
Sunglasses@MG - SunGlasses - Positano Parasol - 60's Classic
Boots @ AZOURY - Uggs KYTIE Bleu



Tuesday 25 September 2012

LoVe MusiC with Fdo:0m

Hair @ [e] Return Sale 70%
Outfit @ .::Fdo.0m::. Marta Outfit NEW
Skin @ Al Vulo -- old Gift

My dream*

Short: Denim. [[>CaKe!<]] - Gift Midnight Mania
Top: Super Star Mesh. .: Somnia :. - Gift Finding FabFree Hunt
Boots: Ryder Denim. Latreia - Group Gift (Unisex)
Hair: Tiramisu Fat Pack. *LoQ Hair* - Subscribe Gift
Earrings: FZaPP - Subscribe Gift September
Ring: Stupid Rigging Ring Mesh. ...:::Scrub Factory:::... - Gift TAE Hunt (Unisex)
Nails: Black Nails. [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] - Subscribe Gift
Guitar: My dream guitar. *Tentacio* - NEW in PERFECT WARDROBE

New Release from [InMonster]

New Release from InMonster, and Element Hair, it is time to check them out.  

Hair @-<E'H>- Anna Hair  ( WEAR ME ) Black Pack ( new release )
Glasses @ NYU - Nicole Sunglasses, Darks
Earrings @ FZaPP Set Legal Black & White By FZaPP
BodySuit @ [inMonster] LALA  Orange  ( new release )
Arm @ [HANDverk] - Cheetah ARMFUR



Sunday 23 September 2012


Skirt: Casual Girl. FATAL - Gift TAE #52 Hunt
Leggings: Stripes brown. Insanya - Gift !TH 187 of 194 Gift
Top: Mesh Strapless Shara. ::Ego - NEW Group Gift
Sneakers: Nabuki Sugar Skull. *Tentacio* - NEW in Stuff in Stock
Hair: Hair(Mesh) No. 02 ~ gG 09'12 (r)M - NEW Group Gift
Bangles: X-T Mesh Bangle Long. BlueBerry* - NEW Group Gift

Vest: Animal 01 (in many colors). Chi Seid - NEW in Marketplace (25L)
Pant: Sport black. +HUHU+ - Group Gift (Unisex)
Bag: BoHoCentric. BagLady Design - Subscribe Gift

ArisAris in Halloween

ArisAris creations presents two completely different Mesh Outfits for this halloween.

Only 99L$

Marketplace Look 1

Marketplace Look 2

Saturday 22 September 2012

In my messy Inventory - 104

Skin/Piel: .::Mother Goose's::.Nigel - LUCKY BOARD
Dress/Vestido: :NuDoLu: Grande tunique Olive - NEW!!
Leggins: [ bubble ] May Flowers Leggings -Yellow
Bag/Bolso: **JPK Twinkie Bag - FREE in Beginers Luck
Shoes/Zapatos: **MDL** LadyBug Orange
Jewels/Joyas: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Cupcake Set
Poses: ILAYA expose set 2 - DESIGNER CIRCLE

Friday 21 September 2012

In my messy Inventory - 103

Skin/Piel: Lara Hurley Skin-Chloe Lemon (Group Gift)
Hair/Pelo: [[Loovus Dzevavor]] ~ Hair: Jadore - Past Gift/Regalo antiguo
Earrings/Pendientes: FZaPP Ear Cuff RLx SL Gold 02 - NEW!!
Bracelets/Pulseras: FZaPP Bracelets LoNgosXique 04 - NEW!!
Dress/Vestido: Evolve : ABSTRACT JEWELL - NEW!!
Shoes/Zapatos: ***ArisAris Rig97 Pumps 1 Brown - NEW!!
Cluch/Bolso de mano: Things I  Like - Golden Clutch MESH

Autumn Season**

Skirt: Desire. *Tentacio* Fashion Quotes - NEW
Sweater: Desert Stripes. [Iren] - Gift TAE Hunt
Scarf: Autumn v2. [bubble] - Gift TAE Hunt
Hair: Diana *black*. .:ARI:. - Gift Midnight Mania
Necklace: Double Row. [ glow ] - Gift Finding Fabfree Hunt
Watch: Watching Time Blanco. Eskimo Fashion - Group Gift Lyfe of Style Discount Room
Pillow and waffle mouth: Kawai 02. Chi Seid in Marketplace - NEW 10L

New Release from PULL

I love this outfit, it makes me looks bright with the colors and glitters and so elegant. 

Scaf @ ~Soedara~ Fur scarf and hood - black
Glasses @ Things I Like - GLASSES 2 - BROWN - new release
Dress @ ][PULL][ Hanna Dress Strip 2 new release
Accessories @ FZaPP Belt and Rings Arames Black 03 By FZaPP new release
Bag @ Ricielli GLAMOROUS HUNT item#19


In my messy Inventory - 102

Skin/Piel: Lara Hurley Skin-Chloe Lemon (Group Gift)
Hair/Pelo: !!CiC!! Marcie - All Colors Pack - DESIGNER CIRCLE
Make up/Maquillaje: ::Modish:: Be4Me -Set A- lipstick 1
Necklace and bracelet/Collar y pulseras: ..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Carolina Red
T-shirt/Camiseta: Sleeping Koala - My Bra Flashing Bow Top - Red - FFH gift
Skirt/Falda: .::CENSORED::. Anny Mini Skirt Flowers - NEW!!
Shoes/Zapatos: .::CENSORED::. Joanne Shoes black - NEW!!
Bag/Bolso: Things I Like - RED DOT BAG

Skin/Piel: .::Mother Goose's::. Prida(2) - LUCKY BOARD
Hair/Pelo: Salon de GLOW GC-01(Strawberry) - GROUP GIFT
Earrings/Pendientes: Moonshadow Petit ladybug
Outfit/Conjunto: [[>CaKe!<]]Group Gift Womens.September-Mesh
Shoes/Zapatos: ***ArisAris Rig97 Pumps 1 White - NEW!!
Bag/Bolso: ::C'est la vie !:: canvas bag(anchor)non rigged mesh - GROUP GIFT

Be beauty ---->0L$

Outfit @ *MLC* Love is Blue:   by Mohna Lisa Couture Group GIft

*May's Soul*

Outfit (1pic): Sweet at night (includes top, string, belt, sweet jar and sweet jar hand). *May's Soul* - NEW in Gorean Room
Outfit (2pic): Turian Girl (includes Camisk, belt, skirt, cuff arms, cuff legs, band leg and necklace). *May's Soul* - NEW 50L
Skin: Violeta. Panda Punx - Group Gift (until 22 of september)
Tattoo: Believe in Yourself. NiNight Creations - Gift FFH #109 Hunt
Strawberry Mouth: Puppy - Free in Marketplace

Thursday 20 September 2012

....modelos increibles y por 0 L$

Dress blue @ K.E.N.Z.A Ladies Strapless Peplum Dress GroupGift
Dress green @ GizzA - September Group Gift [Female] Group Gift

Hat @ [ bubble ] Brown Fur Hat
Glasses @ *Muism* Icon Shade_PB
Coat @ MOLiCHiNO Alana Coat - Cream STRIPE
Top @ AOHARU BT_TurtleNeckKnit_Black
Short @ FZaPP Short Jeans+Bracelet+Ring  Mesh 07 ( new release)
Shoes @Blackburns Tiger Gaga Platform No-Heels

Wednesday 19 September 2012

In my messy Inventory - 101

Skin/Piel: .::Mother Goose's::.Natalie-1L$ 
Hair/Pelo: !! P I N K lipGloss.hair
Headband and earrings/Diadema y pendientes: FZaPP Set Correntes Autunn Gold - NEW
Bracelets/Pulseras: FZaPP Bracelets and Rings  PY Black/Gold
Rings/Anilos: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Cross Ring  - NEW
Corset: [AD] I love my skull mesh shirt RED - COUTURIERS DOCKS
Jeans: Kennedy's "Stripey Jeans" Black
Boots/Botas: ::GB::Leather boots Male&Female - GROUP GIFT

Free & Free

♥ Look 1 

Hair @ (r)M Free
Lengerie @ Rose ==Dimbula - Free

♥ Look 2

Top &amp; short  @=Zenith=superme girl  - Free

♥ Look 3

Dress @:::Dimbula Rose::: Pink Baby Doll  -Free

♥ Look 4

Dress @ [LIV-Glam] Fall 2012-Kim Members - Gift-

Photo Session with Me :D

Recently, my friend got addicted in  The Arcade, and she sent me a lot of item from the event because she played too much looool. And  all the gift is very nice, therefore I decided to get myself into the Arcade, and after numerous times of trying because the sim is always full, I managed to get in. And it is awesome place, and super item .... and here's the item  I got from the Arcade, and I paired them with the new release from Evolve, Element Hair and ArisAris. 

Have you got  your prize yet from the Arcade? If you havent, go and get it today :)

Hair @ -<E'H>- WICCA Hair True Black - new release 
Dress @ EVOLVE- ABSTRACT TARTAN -  new release 
Stole @ Schadenfreude Black Foxy Stole - The Arcade Gacha Event
Camera @ Tee*fy Vintage Brownie Camera Neck Brown  The Arcade Gacha Event
Heels @ ***ArisAris ***ArisAris Rig95 Pumps Roses  - new release 


Skirt: Miki. BlueBerry* - Group Gift
Shirt: McKenna MESH. LMD - Gift TAE Hunt
Boots: Autumn Reaper. :{MV}: - Gift TAE #72 Hunt
Hair: Jane. Exile - Gift free
Bag: Tweedy. .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Gift TAE #20 Hunt

Tuesday 18 September 2012

Romantic Dress!

Outfit @ JKTrends New mesh dress and pumps NEW!!!

♥ Monday♥

♥ Look 1

Hair @ >TRUTH< Tamina -  blondes
Skin @ [ Al Vulo! ] - [ Julia ] - [ -intense night  ] group gift (Ya posteado)
Shape @ Denia  V & M   Shapes Free
Top @ .::[F]uchOn ::. Group Gift
Skirt @ [ SAKIDE ] Nuance Folded Skirts Grey&Pink

♥ Look 2

Hair @ >TRUTH< Ramona -  blondes
Skin @  [ Al Vulo! ] - [ Julia ] - [ -intense night  ] group gift (Ya posteado)
Shape @ Denia   V & M    Shapes Free
Top @ *izm.*Autumn knit cotton ver. Free
Skirt @  [ SAKIDE ]  Nuance Folded Skirts Grey&Pink Free