Thursday 29 April 2021



Hair: Tableau Vivant \\  Vale hair
Head: Lelutka Evo Hd

Skin: Not Found - Azzy Skin Bronze (Lelutka)

Outfit: Cynful Fishnet Set - The Inithium Event

Tattoo: SPT-Brave  Marketplace Inworld Store




Complex: F.O.D Jakect @ManCave

Secret Poses: David pose pack @MOM

Vendetta Skins: Jules skin face for lelutka head @ManCave

・°。♡ Look 1402 ♡ °。Farm


Cabeça: Head Mesh Avalon 3.0 Lelutka.

Cabelo: Toast Hair Wasabi na gacha, com hud accessories + hud styling & sizing - The Epiphany Evento.

Tunica: Angie Tunic Fatpack C'est La Vie com hud de texturas - The Warehouse Sale.


Pose Carro de Boi: Heart Land Cart Evhah.

Bacdrop: Pose Bento The Garden Fashiowl Poses.

Galinhas: Hen standing + Hen Eating Serenity Style na gacha.


Wednesday 28 April 2021


SAUVAGE. Taylor. Navy  - WHIMSY


                                                                             Unfolded: Kai jeans @MOM

                                                                             Deep Static: Stewart Glasses

Nero: Silvio Sweater

Pixit: Smoking Pipe pose



Hair: Opale Heather Hair @Tres Chic

Head: Lelutka Evo Hd

Skin: Not Found - Azzy Skin Bronze (Lelutka)

Outfit: Aurealis. Kitty Dream Set. @Tres Chic

Tattoo: SPT-Do things with love Marketplace  Inworld Store

Tuesday 27 April 2021



                                                           Nanao: Hye Bodysuit @Dubai

                                                           Lush poses: Moon child tattoo @Dark side event

                                                           Joy store: Dollar fan pose @POSEvent



 bag TOP Angie *Arcane Spellcaster*

 bag Pant Tuf  *Arcane Spellcaster*


 DP: Couple bento pose your touch @eBento

Vegas Tattoo: Sacred Focus tattoo @eBento

Summer is near.

 {ViSion} // Tiffany Bikini @ Uber

Monday 26 April 2021



Strench Potion:

Outfit with two components, DRESS AND GLASS-CHAIN SANDALS!   Oferta

LM :   ArisAris  



   Not Found: Veron skin for Lelutka head @ManCave

Not Found: Veron beard for lelutka head @ManCave

Not Found: Veron hairbase for lelutka head @ManCave

Cubura: Cubura/4bidden top cristoph @ManCave

   Animosity: pose pack 145 prop included @mainstore