Thursday 30 June 2011

Azul Gift @ Frank's Anniversary

Azul did it again, and the best thing, this is  a gift to celebrate Frank's Anniversary. What are you waiting for.. :D 

 & I think I look very stylish lol. 


Hair @ [kik]mode-atmos
Skin @ Perception @ Angel Dark Moon (makeup) (new release - coming soon)
Earing @ Finesmith (Finesmith - June Hunt) - still have time today.. go go go !!!

love all 

From Morocco with Love

After a week of hectic office life which I am about to vomit if I continues doing so, lucky today and tomorrow  is a rest day for me. 

And whats so good after a stress week, is to wanders around Second Life and looking at beautiful clothing, accessories, and beautiful sims and snap photos.. errmm of myself lol. I had three photos here showing different angle for a clearer view :D 

And I have a lot of out- standing too in Second Life.. You will see more post coming soon. 
Enjoy !! 

Limo : Finesmith, Perception, Emo-tionsMaktub Designs. 


Accessories @ Finesmith-Kay (55L-Thursday), which consists of earing, necklaces and bangle. A very good deal, you must not missed this one.  

finesmith 55lT4

Dress @ Maktub Designs ~~ Queen Gold ~~~(MM board). Please go and slap the MM board, it is marvelous, even the photo cant really show how magnificent it is. By the way, this shop sell silks and belly dancers clothing  and they are just gorgeous, Arabian style. I will go back there for sure.  Am I promoting for this store? maybe lol, but the owner for sure doesn't know that her clothes appears here in this blog. 


Skin @ Perception ~ angel ~ gibbous-bare. This skin is on the way to the shop, it has not been released yet, as at now. But (yes), it is on the MM board, and it is not hard to achieved it. Go and slap it.

opps.. re-post. I forgot the landmark. :p and where is my  prince? 

love all .

The White Armory

The White Armory came out with new group gift last 2 days. 

Very lovely dress :D 

Limo: The White Amory 

Hair @ Truth 
Dress @  **TWA ** Antoinette Gown Set-Group Gift Boxed
Skin @ Perception @ ~ angel ~ goth skins ( new release coming soon)


love all 

Wednesday 29 June 2011


Free hunt gift
MENstuff Hunt Gift #64 somapop
jeans and sweater

also modeling the hair from
Angel - Edward_Black for 225L$ from

* T.G. I. S *

UUUzzzz vaya lenceria que nos dejan como regalo de grupo en  * t.g.i.s *


Conjunto pantalones y top  fruit booty shorts (verion larga) incluye la de short tambien a 149 l en  * poppycock *

SM:USH - Mamboo chic - Heart Softnes - Libdescent Poses

Jo: But don't you think will be easier if you use the stepladder?
Estre: But won't be so funny.... now i can kick your butt in stead to try to take the book hehehe

Top: !KRB Olive Print Tank top - Free
Leggins: ..::[SM:USH]::.. Skully Legging . 50 L$
Pose: lib_SD_BOX - Group gift
Jewells: ! COCO MICAS JEWELRY SET - From Glamorize

Top:  ..::[SM:USH]::.. Fushia - Free
Hair: .+*HS*+. Group 9000 Thank you Gift Hair ::PRAY:: Latte

Hair/Pelo: .+*HS*+. Hair ::YOCK:: Pure White - Gacha - 35 L$
Skin/Piel: (Mamboo Chic): Bell_Hot Beauty_lips 2_SPECIAL GIFT (in group notices/en las noticias del grupo)

Tuesday 28 June 2011


Free con tres maneras diferentes de vestir aunke una jiiji casi ke no esta en  * the vinyl cafe *

* AZUL *

El nuevo free con tag de grupo  en  * azul*


Shoes/zapatos: Gabriel group gift(also they're in brown)/regalo de grupo (también los hay en marrón)

Outfit/conjunto: .:Furore:. GH2 #42
Boots/botas: [ hoorenbeek ] Zahra  Boots - Black subscribe gift/regalo del subscribe

Belt/cinturón: Gabriel group gift/regalo de grupo
Boots/botas (UNISEX!): [ hoorenbeek ] Pro Boots - Bordeaux gift from the subscribe/regalo del subscribe


Vestido de la oferta 89 l disponible en 5 colores en   * slc *

De la oferta de 60 l nos deja este top y mini en varios colores incluye pulsera y gafas de sol en  * slc *

Al Vulo Group gift - Candymetal Dollarbie - Libdescent

Outfit: ~CandyMetal~ Sepcial Semanal Dollarbie 1.4
Shoes/Zapatos: ~CandyMetal~ Seken Shoes Red
Skin/Piel: [Al Vulo!] - [ pollon snuggle group gift ]
Hat/Sombrero: Grulla hat from Libdescent (store just moved, will upload the landmark soon/la tienda se acaba de cambiar de sim, pondré el landmark pronto)

Monday 27 June 2011

PeKaS Design

free hunt gift
MENstuff Hunt Gift #59 PeKaS
PeKaS Armored man

Group Gift, TDR, 1st Anniversary Special Week

Today, I combined all into few photos. :D 

Limo:- ++HS++, Hucci, Purple Moon,Essence, Kioka, LAQ,Gabriel


Hair @ ++HS++ (group gift)
Dress @ Kioka (store gift)
Heels @ Gabriel (group gift, can be transfer)


Hair @ LOQ ( TDR @ 70L- Fatpack)
Top @ Hucci (Subscriber gift)
Pants @ Essence (1st anniversary special week, everything on 10L - must go )


Top @ PurpleMoon (Group Gift - joining fee for group)


Skin @ Exodi (Subscriber gift - this is the gift when you subscribe  @ the subscriber)

love all

Candymetal - New releases + Acide - New Skin & group gift

Dress/Vestido: ~CandyMetal~ Miki Outfit Rayas - NEW!! (3 diferent ways to wear it)
Tattoo: URCo.> Hello kitty Tattoo - NEW!!
Skin/Piel: Melina Skin Tan Blue Shadows CL 03 - NEW!!! in Acide

CandyMetal dress is avaliable in 4 diferent colours / El vestido de CandyMetal está disponible en 4 colores diferentes.

This are 3 tones with diferent make ups from Melisa skin from Acide. I found it really sweet :)
Estos son 3 tonos con diferentes maquillajes de la piel Melisa de Acide. Creo que hace una cara muy dulce :)

And that's not all.... New group gift in the store. This amazing make from Melisa skin. No cost to join the group :)
Y esto no es todo... Nuevo regalo de grupo en la tienda. Este make de Melisa skin. No hay que pagar para unirse al grupo.

Sunday 26 June 2011

AoD Designz - Baggys, Club & Streetwear

free hunt gift and this is the girls top, so could be unisex outfit huh? 
the guys top is a tshirt  

Legal Insanity

Limo : Legal Insanity, Kumaki Glasses


Outfit @ ...:: Legal Insanity ::.. group gift june 2011

plastic frekcles

Skin @ .::CENSORED::. Set Paty (Group Gift Set Paty 10.000 member Vida Virtual)
Freckles tattoo@ La Venta- Plastik Vaila Beta Skin- Tone 3 (70L)


Outfit ..:: Legal Insanity Couture ::..  group gift for her
Sunglasses @ Kumaki Glasses K_gs PiggyBoop (group gift)


love all

A&M - Super Bargain Saturday

T-shirt/Camiseta: .:A&M:. Dia de los Muertos Top - SBS#77 - 60 L (with or without undershirt option/ con opción a llevar la camiseta blanca debajo o no))

Let's Make Out

KozmetikaKozmetika La Malvada Mujer [mock] *BOOM* [ a.e.meth ]

[ a.e.meth ]



Search the lipstick tubes and new freeebies and dollarbies adds in Kozmetika Summer Event


Random Summer

Random Summer
Skirt: *.:[K]:.* wrinkles skirt | FREE
Flats: *Sanu Aqua OmNom SL8B Special! | FREE
Bown: *Sanu Aqua OmNom SL8B Special! | FREE
Bangle: PRIMALOT 'Four4Four' REZDAY gift | FREE

Random Summer
Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] Zahra Boots - Black | Suscribe Gift (only for people who are in the SOM for more than two weeks)
Dress: .: WEiRD.DESiGNS :. Tempted | 1L

Summer Festa 2011
Pants: !Ohmai : Jersey Harem Pants | 1L
Orange: A.D.D Andel!-SL 8 B Gift!
Sandals: [BWC CLUB] WedgeSole | Group Gift
Shirt: *.:[K]:.* wrinkles skirt | FREE (Buy the Skirts)

Shirt: *RUDE REBEL* V-Neck-Tee(Blue)
Flats: *Sanu Aqua OmNom SL8B Special! | FREE
Pants: !Ohmai : Jersey Harem Pants | 1L

~Items without SLurl are from: Summer Festa 2011, Join the Group, Touch the Ticket terminal, wear the Hud, collect all the Free Gifts in the Stands and ENJOY!!~

Summer Festa 2011
Top: ::c.A.:: Halterneck Camisole "SGB"
Pants: ::C'est la vie !:: lace pants(ivory)SGB SF2011 gift
Hat: MAKNIE** Summer vacation Hat

Skirt: :pesca:SGB giftskirt/blueblue skirt
Scarf: [ NERD.P ] 2011 Scarf Ribbon type BLUE (Summer Festa 2011)
Shirt: [pivaaca] -Homme- Stripe Shirt (Blue/Pink and Green)

Summer Festa 2011
Piercing: K_gs Fishing_Rod_Pierce/Blue/Box
Shirt: A.M.K.R BORO-Tee

Summer Festa 2011
Earrings: *:..Silvery K.:*Blue diamond Pierce
Shoes: [ROLY-POLY] -DECO- blue (box)