Thursday, 30 June 2011

From Morocco with Love

After a week of hectic office life which I am about to vomit if I continues doing so, lucky today and tomorrow  is a rest day for me. 

And whats so good after a stress week, is to wanders around Second Life and looking at beautiful clothing, accessories, and beautiful sims and snap photos.. errmm of myself lol. I had three photos here showing different angle for a clearer view :D 

And I have a lot of out- standing too in Second Life.. You will see more post coming soon. 
Enjoy !! 

Limo : Finesmith, Perception, Emo-tionsMaktub Designs. 


Accessories @ Finesmith-Kay (55L-Thursday), which consists of earing, necklaces and bangle. A very good deal, you must not missed this one.  

finesmith 55lT4

Dress @ Maktub Designs ~~ Queen Gold ~~~(MM board). Please go and slap the MM board, it is marvelous, even the photo cant really show how magnificent it is. By the way, this shop sell silks and belly dancers clothing  and they are just gorgeous, Arabian style. I will go back there for sure.  Am I promoting for this store? maybe lol, but the owner for sure doesn't know that her clothes appears here in this blog. 


Skin @ Perception ~ angel ~ gibbous-bare. This skin is on the way to the shop, it has not been released yet, as at now. But (yes), it is on the MM board, and it is not hard to achieved it. Go and slap it.

opps.. re-post. I forgot the landmark. :p and where is my  prince? 

love all .

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