Friday, 29 April 2011

Diner is readyyyy!!!

I've been all the afternoon coocking. Is the fist time I do it after the honey moon and wasn't sure about what my dear hubby would like to have, so I fixed vegetables soup, pizza, home made bread, bought fresh milk and fruits to prepare nice desserts. But again had doubts so i was cooking a cheescake, brownies, tiramisu wich strawberrys. So yes... I've spent all the afternoon in the kitchen....


Kneading and baking

But i even that I had 5 mins to rest before you arrived

And now that you are at home.... Hope you will eat all or you will taste my dough roller!

 The italian taste (THE MONTHLY DEAL)

This is a monthly event were italian designers will place one item eachother to create a complete look. Every item will be marked only 50 L$. This month the offers will be avaliable from 28th april to 5th may and the teme was "Desperated  Housewives"
Este es un evento mensual donde diseñadores italianos crearan entre todos partes diferentes de un look completo. Cada item tendrá un precio de sólo 50 L$. Este mes las ofertas estarán disponibles del 28 de abril al 5 de mayo y el tma era "Ama de casa desesperada"

In the pics / En las fotos:
On my head/En mi cabeza: *SoliDea Folies* Acrobatic Housewife
Cardigan-bra-slip-socks/cardigan-bra-tanga-medias: [WAP Design] Desperate housewife
Cigarette-earrings-nose plaster-had plaster-glasses/Cigarro-pendietes-tiritas de la nariz y en la mano-gafas:  Desperate housewifes / ADcreations 
Shoes/Zapatos: *LpD* Item For the Monthly Deal 
Table/Mesa: Kitchen table with dough - by Italica I.D. (comes with two anims and the dough roller/viene con dos animaciones y el rodillo de amasar)
Tattoo: :::insanya::: Tattoo - In SIn We Trust - No free

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