Saturday, 28 April 2012

Fantasy Faire Hunt

I'm little bit late blogging it cause will end on 29th but.... still in time. You need to buy a hud (100 L donated to the american cancer society), look for cristals and then collect all the books in the stores. Here's a little preview from the gifts you can get there.

Skin/Piel: Curious Kitties Breezy Elven Ranger Dress & Skins - Devil's Locked Sim
Mask/Máscara: [CC] Nu Orne Mask - Nu Orne Sim
Eyes/Ojos: V&T - Crossbone Eyes - blood washed  - Devil's Locked Sim
Piercing: [ni.Ju] Terymn Piercing . J unreleased - Nu Orne Sim
Dress/Vestido: Curious Kitties Breezy Elven Ranger Dress & Skins - Devil's Locked Sim
Mouse/Ratón: Rat King Cole- animated shoulder pet - Meandervale Sim
Boots/Botines: Hyperborean - Into the Night  Boots - Shadow's Claw Sim
Dragon/Saltamontes: Dragon Magick Wares Gifty - Jungle Bungle Sim

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