Monday, 23 July 2012

Wonderful Monday*

Pants: Skinny Jeans. BlueBerry - Group Gift
Top: Zombi. *Tentacio* - July Gift
Shoes: Cute Party Kitteh. Lyrieal's Boutique - SLFHBB #23 Hunt Gift
Hair: Miley. LollipopZ - NEW RELEASE
Glasses: K_gs Summer Round Specs. The Gallery Gift Shop - TGGS Anniversary Hunt  Gift

Sweater: Mubis Mesh. [TC] Marketplace - Free Gift
Skirt: Tutu. *Tentacio* - NEW Stuff In Stock
Hair: Secrets. LollipopZ - NEW RELEASE
Necklace: Abstract Bird. fc - Freebie in Hair Fair

Dress: Renata (5 colors). *Tentacio* - NEW RELEASE
Hair: Oh!. LollipopZ - NEW RELEASE
Earring and bangle: Feather / Summer Colorful. pr!tty - Gift in Hair Fair
Shoes: Standard Espadrillias Cream. Blk2.0 - Group Gift

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