Sunday, 13 January 2013

In my messy Inventory - 155

Sin/Piel: Curio :GP: Party Girl Megapack - GROUP GIFT (in group notices/en las noticias del grupo)
Hair/Pelo: Curio : In Space - Black (Blonde Tips) - Suscribo Gift
Hat/Gorro: ~CandyMetal~ White Hunt Kitty Hat - in Cosmopolitan Mall till 15th Jan
Dress/Vestido: ~CandyMetal~ White Hunt Snow Princess Dress - in Cosmopolitan Mall till 15th Jan
Boots/Botas: ~CandyMetal~ White Hunt Cowgirl Boots Rigged Mesh - in Cosmopolitan Mall till 15th Jan
Mittens and scarf/Manoplas y guantes: TIL: Mittens and multitexture scarf
Earrings/Pendientes: *P* Moon Earrings ~Sun~ @ NYR HUNT

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