Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Curious Kitty and the Chick Hunt

Curious Kitties  is having a Free Egg Hunt at here. Get 4 stamps (all for FREE) from Curious Kitties stampers placed at 4 locations & you get a prize! There are toooons of cute original baby cosplay chicks that you can hatch with a HUD! Also, festive clothing & accessories! 100s of variations! You never know what you'll get! And its DAILY! Thats right, not just one prize one time! If you come back the next day you can play again!!

And here's what I get. And oh yes, there is a saying that don't expect anything from  Aquarius sign. Here's my new shape, that i did for application to my Hogwarts role-play. Dududududud.. this time, they better accept me !!.. gahhhh 

And if you love to be cute girl, this is really awesome thing to do. 

Hair @ Magika [01] Calm
Head Set 
@ *SoliDea FoliEs* le noir paon / headpiece & 
@*SoliDea FoliEs* Spring & butterfly / headpiece
Skin @*JeSyLiLO**LightSkin*4 (:::LimitedBazaar:::)
Dress @ *C:K* Bound Pastel Plaid Dress (Curious Kitty)
Chic @Curious Kitties [ Egg Hunt Scroll Quest ]  (Curious Kitty)



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