Thursday, 30 May 2013

Have fun and stay cute

I cannot help it. It is too cute that I want a different angle of these cutest avatar >.< . These avatar are mesh and they are from Curious Kitties, and the dress is from the Curious Kitties as well. 

Oh yes, these cutest outfit and mesh can be found at The Summer Fashion Festival . Overall, there are 85 stores participating in  SFF and you should go there and see more for yourself. 

Have fun and stay cute 

Now enjoy my cutest adorable face ^_^

Avatar @ *C:K* Kittenz Luth Avatar - SFF 
Dress @
Photo 1 Lil Cherry Sodapop Yukata Dress- SFF 
Photo 2 @Lil Lemon Sodapop Yukata Dress  - SFF 
Photo 3 @Lil Melon Sodapop Yukata Dress - SFF 




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