Monday, 24 June 2013

It's not a GOODBYE

I thought my avatar life reached its limit, when Second Life decided to give me a big present, yes, that was " all inventory attached to my body" every time I log in. Just think about all your inventory, and you have to detach them each time, not more than 10 or you will crashed. Although Linden has no direct help towards me, but they showed me a way, and frustrating, it never works. In fact, I had decided to end my avatar life, and had already sent notice to all my dear designers and managers of the store,that I am changing avatar, and ready to get this old avatar into dormant stage when, a friend suggested a way, and say the wise word " be patience", i decided to give it a last try at my office. Yes, I sneak into Second Life, at office hour. As magic, I had the present from Second Life in a blink, it was taken away from me also in a blink of second,  and it was the biggest relieve I had.   I was very happy that I sent twitters to all my close friend that I am cured from the inventory sickness...

And so, it was not a Goodbye yet from me. 

And for now, enjoy the creation of Azul newest creation. And if you don't know yet, Azul has a limited edition only at marketplace, where you can shop without lag. Enjoy my photo, and the color that I love in Azul's collection,, that's called Mandarin color. 

Hair @ ! W&Y MODEL HAIR 22 (no longer available at SL)
Dress @ -AZUL- ValScatter /Mandarin (MissVenezuela/MMV2013) - new release



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