Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Moment

Today post is a bit unusual. Actually, I have no new inspiration but had all the old ones, and found that my post is kinda boring. As I stand alone on the famous platform of mine wearing, the outfit from Eyelure, I wonder how would I made my post a bit interesting, at least to me. After all I am the one who style it, and took my own photo for blogging. As when I think while looking at my avatar, the idea of training in the opera theater came into mind. I am not too sure how I ended in that mind-state but, somehow it is interesting for me.  During my younger days, after school, every year, on the 7th month of Chinese calendar, the opera team were hired by the local temple community to perform on my housing area.  I always watched them performing, in the afternoon after school, as they are practicing their fighting steps and remember the lyrics. And  based on my memory, these were similar outfit they were wearing while practicing. It was enjoyable, watching them, together with friend and having local house-made ice cream or ice-cube which less than a dollar. 
However, Chinese opera is dying in the current era. There are less people who wanted to be involved in opera. Chinese opera's actor and actress need a lot of skills, from able to sing and talk in high pitch voice, they must be able to dance the fighting steps on the stage, listening only to the tempo of the drums and so on.  

My last time watching the opera performance were in 2011. It still amazed me. I hope that this tradition will not phased out in my country or I have to fly to Hong Kong or Beijing to watch them perform next time :)

Hair @ Dress2-08guzhunag (chinese) (part of the outfit)
Mask @ Evian Addons - Kabuki Masks 
Outfit @ Eyelure Sport Tank and Yoga Skinnies  [Butterflies  and Green] - ROOM69
Shawl @ +Lika Ruby+shawl-A(red)
opera in training 2

opera in training

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