Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Free and Easy Day

Today is free and easy photo shoot. Since I am back to my home in Morihisa, I decided to take a walk to the west side of the town, cuz I never been there, and guess I found a bridge that connects to the another sim. I enjoyed the walk around looking at the neighborhood house decoration. Its nothing fancy, but overall it is a nice  neighborhood  The only thing that I envy, is that how the resident are lucky enough to have their house near the sea, while I am not... Just look at the satellite map, you know I am living in a very tiny spot.. ermmmm..ermmm. Talking about it, where is oni-chan, I havent see him in 3 days...

Hair @ ""D!va"" Hair "Mana" (Garnet) - Hair Fair 2013
Top@ Yasum*MESH*Lolita Ball-Top* - new release 
Belt @Yasum*MESH*Lolita Belt* - new release 
Pants@ Yasum*MESH*Lolita Leggings*  - new release 


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