Sunday, 28 July 2013

mengapa waktu tak pernah berpihak kepadaku
apakah aku terlalu, terlalu banyak berkelana
mengapa kita masih saja tak pernah bersatu
selalu saja bertemu, bertemu saat kau milik yang lain
mungkin kau bukanlah jodohku, bukan takdirku - (song title @ setengah mati merindu)

Will you still call me even tho I have grey hairs? *_*

Have you ever waits for the telephone to ring in your real life? Well, for me,it rang but it is not the one that I am waiting for. And it been years and I stop waiting and moved on.

So for the guys out there, if you like a girl, and you know that girl perhaps is interested in you, damn, pick the phone and call her..  

And now don't blame me for my mood tonight, blame it on the radio that I am listening, it is classic rock section now *_*. 

Hair @ (r)M Hair No.15'13 ( N e u t r a l s )
Top @ / XIAJ / Thermal Alpha - (new release- this is man shirt, wear it if you dare :D)
Hotpants@ D-Style - Panties
Telephones @ Soothe. Telephone - Lady Sunday


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