Saturday, 10 August 2013

Summertime in Farm

Hello everyone. Finally I reached home. Peaceful and quiet, compare to where I have been 3 days ago. In this case, my photo today is as peaceful and calm as my soul.  My inspiration of the photo comes from this anime called Gin No Saji.

Enjoy my peacefulness !! :D 

From Left to Right 
Hair @Tameless Hair Chelsea - Mega Pack
Dress@ASO! Summer Dress (native red) - TCF
Hand Star@ .click. Sunny Day Wand - Blue (Naughty) - TCF
Hat@: ) BCC.sui hat Ribbon [Rare] A
Hair@(r)M Hair No.09'13 ( B r o w n s ) - new release
Bodystamp- Arm@ ASO! Body Stamp native 02 & 08 - TCF
Dress@  ASO! Summer Dress (rare natural) - TCF

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